Jewelries from Efoxcity! ♥

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I was so busy like 33 times because it's periodicals week and I just finished Table of Specifications and exams for my students on Grade 8 and 4th year so this post will be just very quick.

I received my jewelries from Efoxcity yesterday and can't helped but be awed with their pieces. Their all LOVELY! ♥

I like the pearl bracelet and the earring. I am collecting more and more accessories lately! hahaha. These are additional pieces on my collection. They're all LOVE! ♥

I'll be early for school tomorrow because it's Monday and we have flag ceremony. So, next time again? Cheers! Love y'all! ^_^

My Late July Haul

It's Tuesday and I can't let this day pass without featuring my almost outdated haul last Sunday. We shopped (me and Jaycee) to treat myself for the two months I didn't received my salary. Good thing last week, I finally received the fruit of my labor. *wink*

First stop is to shop for bags, shoes and cosmetics. Off we went to the mall to purchase all those things I need but before I got to pick my own stuff, I want to reward my boo with something he likes so I got him a World Balance Sandals for P1099. 

I also got a black wedge for myself that I can use in school to give me a little height against my tall students. I actually wanted something black that is heeled but then I switched when I saw this wedge from Ctwalk. Price at P799.00 less than 10%. 

Together with the wedge, I purchased a new bag which is bigger than what I am using right now. Say hello to my EGG Bag which is at sale for P700. 

I'm in need of some toiletries as well. Since my whole Watson's loot bag was more than P1200, I got a free tumbler and a bag for free. The perks of huge purchases! hihi ^_^

After shopping, we also had a little bit of pampering at Tibiao Fish Spa located at the 2nd floor of SM Pampanga. I already got my experience of the therafishes here. This is our second encounter with the fishes. ♥

Our Sunday was so great that I'm looking forward for more Sundays to come! ♥

Be Organized with a Nail Wheel!

It's the weekend and what greater way to spend it than to fix some forgotten stuff like cleaning up my nail polishes at home! ^_^

Lately, I don't have much time in doing Manicure Monday posts since I started working in a public school simply because my time was used more on making lesson plans and the like. Maybe if I am already well-adjusted with the new school system, I can perhaps sneak some hour in creating nail art and blog about it. So for now, I thought of a way to put my nail polishes on use. 

I received 10 pieces of nail wheels before which I kept for long. Now, I thought of using it to paint the swatches of the nail polishes for easy access. As you can see, we have tons of nail polishes in different colors and brands. I want to be more organized when it comes to choosing what polish I want to use next. So I came up with the idea of painting it on a nail wheel. 

I will try to make one color family in one wheel like the set of green polishes above. Plus I am looking forward to buy a new container where I can put those nail polishes of different sizes. The old container of these nail polishes is the bucket from a local fast-food chain. I think I need to replace that soon! 

Let me know what's your idea on this. 'Till my next post. xoxo ♥

It's a Firmoo Giveaway! ^_^

Good news! Firmoo, the world's most popular online eyeglasses store is giving all my readers a chance to win six (6) $20 E-vouchers to use on any frame selected HERE. The voucher includes the frame and 1.50 single vision lenses! Some frames are under $20, so if you win, you just need to pay a little on shipping because the voucher doesn’t include it. Sounds a great deal right?! :)

But the most exciting part is, if there are over 40 valid competitors in this giveaway, they will offer a pair of FREE GLASSES including shipping to the luckiest winner!!! So invite your friends and relatives so you'll have more chances of winning a FREE PAIR.

Requirements for the giveaway! 

1. Visit Firmoo here and leave a comment on this post which pair you’d love to win.
2. Follow Cute and Dainty on GFC
3. Like Firmoo on Facebook.
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Easy peasy, right?! You may also want to try Firmoo's First Pair Free Program where you can get your first pair for free! Invite your families and friends to test Firmoo's products by paying for the shipping only!

This is OPEN WORLDWIDE and will end once we reach 40 contestants. I want someone to win a free pair! Yeah!!!

Firmoo will ship to the following countries so make sure you are included in the list. Check it out here. ^_^

So let's start and let's keep the ball rolling. 'Till my next post. xoxo ♥

Review: Bench Clearpore Charcoal Cleansing Strip

One of my dilemmas regarding facial care are whiteheads and blackheads on my nose area. I tried several brands that promise to remove whiteheads and blackheads but none of them solved my problem. Thanks to Bench Clearpore Charcoal Cleansing Strip. It saves me from my 'dyahe' moments.

So far, this is the most effective pore cleansing strip I have ever tried. Though it may not remove the stubborn whiteheads and blackheads all throughout, still, it lessens my problem little by little.

Direction for Application

1. After washing the face, thoroughly wet the nose area. Strip would not stick on dry surface.
2. With dry hands, peel the strip off the plastic liner.
3. Place smooth side of the strip down on the center of the nose. Press the strip to ensure good contact with the skin. 
4. Leave cleansing strip to dry for 10-15 minutes. Strip will begin to feel stiff to indicate that it its ready to be peeled off. 
5. Carefully peel off strip starting at the edges pulling towards the center. 
6. Rinse off any residue left on the skin.

Try to use this 2-3 times a week. In my case, I have a terrible case with BH and WH before. This somehow helps me to have a clean face. I am still open to try new products anyway. By the way, avoid using it on sunburned areas, blemished or too sensitive skin. To some, the strip adheres too strongly to the skin, in that case, wet the strip until it slides off.

... and for the verdict, look at the result after I used it for several minutes. NOTE: The photo may contain some scene that are not suitable to the eye. 

EEEEEEEEEK!!! How gross!!! Please refrain from giving a second look on the photo. It's kinda dirty to look at, but see how effective the strip was. ^_^ It cost P22 at your local bench stores. 

Have you tried using Clearpore? What's your verdict? Share it here ^_^ 

Vintage Accessory Haul ^_^

A parcel greeted me when I arrived home yesterday from picking up my Monday and Tuesday national uniform for public high school teachers. I hope I could try it out soon and make a separate post of me wearing it. Let's see. :)

Anyway, I've been receiving a lot of parcels with accessories lately. Once payday arrives, I hope to invest on shoes and clothes next time. Here's a sneak peek of what made me smile yesterday. ^_^

I got two bracelets and a necklace. I like the vintage-y feel of this choker necklace.

The owl design on this bangle captured my attention. It's different and it stands out. 

Since everything looks vintage, this last piece just has the right blend of simplicity and vintage-y.

Simple gifts like this never fail to amaze me. I wish to get some shoes and clothes soon. *wishful thinking* ^_^

Have you had any accessory haul lately? Share yours here. ♥

Our New Couple Ring from Bellast ♥

Hello everyone. How was your week? I was so happy when my order from Bellast finally arrived last week. Well, what is Bellast anyway? 

Bellast is your online jewelry shopping destination. In 2010, they opened the world of fashion and fine jewelry to everyone at an affordable price. They're one of the largest global online retailer of crystal jewelry, 925 sterling silver jewelry, and pearl jewelry. 

Shopping online with is easy, fast and convenient and they  offer many different payment options. They accept PayPal, Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and etc.), Debit Cards, Western Union and Wire Transfer as their payment methods.

Finally last week, I received my own share of their jewelries. Here's what I ordered.
Photos from Collaged at
Glad it arrived before the big day of my boyfriend Jaycee. I actually gave him the other ring I ordered as a gift. I got two same rings in different sizes, (the photo on the left above) and gave it to my boo for our couple ring. We actually had another couple ring before but Bellast ring was just so amazing to the eye. How could I say no to such elegant piece.

How lovely it is, right? If you want to get the same ring on the photo above, you can get it here. They got wonderful rings and other pieces too. This is my most favorite since both my boyfriend and me had this.

I think this is a Mickey Mouse inspired necklace. This cutesy piece is one of my faves as well. Check it out here. Dainty indeed. 

Plus this bracelet that caught my eye never failed to amaze me. A red bracelet will never go wrong with jeans and a shirt or even dainty dresses. Get the same item here.

I hope to find time to use these items for an OOTD post but haven't got the time yet. I wore them for photos and for you to have a closer look. The pieces are really beautiful and I hope that the photos speaks for themselves.

Thank you Bellast.. For more details on them, check out their website at Happy shopping! xoxo. ♥

My Recent Bag Haul from Romwe

Why Will I Not Order Bags from Romwe Again? 

Earlier I received the last batch of orders I had from Romwe. Most of my bags are near their end state so I ordered two consecutive bags from the website and I was disappointed to both. Here's why. 

I am a teacher and I am looking for big bags that I can bring to school where I can put all the teacher's stuff in the bag. I actually thought it's a steal when I checked out two items. I was wrong.

Their items are really deceiving to the eye. Check out the photo from their website.

My first impression was, 'Oh, cool! This one is big and cute.' So without hesitation, I checked it out. Based from the left part of the photo above, it looked like it has a huge space inside and that's what made me think that my stuff would fit on it. 

The color and material is good but the inside is very shallow making it hard for my stuff to fit inside. Check the orange and violet side; these parts made the bag look big but it's actually not part of the center area of the bag. This also happened with the previous bag I received from Romwe. From the first glance from the photo on their site, (photo not available anymore), the bag below looked big enough for some folders and stuff.

I tried to get a photo of it with me wearing the bag. It is small like it would only fit my lunch box and other small things. Again, I wasn't able to use it for all of my things.

I don't know if it's just me or something is really wrong with their measurements and photos. Thinking of what had happened, I would now decline purchasing bags from them. I got three bags and all failed to amaze me. I guess I would just stick to their other items.

Anyway, I am happy that I got some time to make this post. Plus, tomorrow is 'TGIF' day. ^_^

You? What's your latest haul? Got bag hauls? Share your links here. xoxo ♥

Nutrition Month's Nuti-Jingle ^_^

Hi guys! I know I've been MIA (Missing In Action) since last week and even before that. If you are a reader of my blog, you are aware that I am now transferred in another public high school and I'm still working on how to manage my time with regard to my school tasks, among others.

(Pardon my non-beauty and non-fashion related post) 

For this month, we have several activities for July since it is the Nutrition Month. It is a fun-filled month full of activities and contests, mostly intra-competition. I told my advisory students to join and they express their interest to be part of the competition so I invested some time and effort in helping them out. 

Just earlier, we had the classic Nutri-jingle for the first week of the month long line up of activities. It is creating music that contains lyrics that will convince students and everyone to eat right and have a healthy lifestyle. They ranked 5th. They were all so sad so I tried my very best to lift up their dead spirits and pushed them to do best for next week's Poster Making and Slogan Writing.

Some of the photos from the program earlier.

my advisory students
me with the principal pinning the 'Happy School Movement' pin from DepEd :)

blurry photo with my co-teacher in the same department
dancing teachers to the tune of 'Gentleman'
... and the top 3 who got the highest number of percentage for their presentation.

3rd place

2nd place

1st place

Congratulations to all the winners! I really had fun guiding my students and exposing them. They may not be the top performing class but I know, they will have a bright future ahead of them. :)

Anyway, I hope to add more post tomorrow or the next day. It is my man's special day later and I need to wake up early. 'Till my next post. (I hope it won't be long!) ^_^

P.S. Will try to make the announcement of winner for the giveaway tomorrow night. :)