Tips on How To Transform Your Home Beautifully

I've been a member of this home aesthetic group on Facebook where the members aim to share how they transform their homes into one beautiful abode. I believe home improvement is a continuous project because there are times you want to update or change your house set-up. 

Personally, we have a small home and we also have limited funds so we were not able to fully finish the whole house when we first got it. We are still saving some money for home renovation so we can maximize the remaining space that we have. For now, we take advantage of the space available and all the furnitures and appliances that we use. 

Despite having a small space, we make it a point to maintain the cleanliness and we put some aesthetic to it. Here, I'm going to share some tips on how to transform your home aesthetically. 

1. Choose what color scheme you want in your home

Be it your favorite color or the same color with your furnitures, try to maintain around 3-4 colors to use in your home. White, green and brown are the colors we pick. Most of our furnitures are brown and our walls are painted with white so I put green like plants to balance it all. The whole place looks cohesive because of these three colors. However, if you opt to go multicolored or stick to a single hue, it's all up to you. 

2. Position each furniture and appliance in the right place

Since we have a small area, we make use of mirrors to give the impression of a much bigger space. Furnitures area also placed accordingly and sometimes I use Pinterest for support whenever I fail on achieving the look that I want. 

3. Maximize the space

Just as I mention that we have small space, we use space-saving furnitures to take advantage of the space. We have space-saving chairs and bed where the underneath area of the furniture can be used as storage. Most of the time too, we mount a lot of things at home to make space for other things below. 

4. Use organizers

Organizers are a great way to organize things and store them properly to make the house look clean.

5. Landscape your area

This is perfect for people who have bigger space. You might want to consider landscaping because your home's front design matters a lot because that's what people usually sees first. Designing it will give it a fresh look which is engaging for people to see. Landscaping can make a huge impact on the exterior design of your home – especially when it is done right. If you don't know how to do it and if you're looking for quality service, especially in Canada, try landscaping toronto to solve that for you. 

6. Spend more time with family members

More than the look, a beautiful home is a home with family members seeing each other and taking care of one another. For me, that's the most beautiful piece inside anyone's home. 


  1. true, our homes may not be that spacious but with the help of our tips we could really beautifully arranged our homes. it is good to transform our homes to have a new ambiance that the family will enjoy

  2. I think it's really important to pay attention about our home and have a home improvement. This is also one of my biggest dream in life. I really thank you for sharing some tips on how to transform home aesthetically. This will be really helpful not just for me but for everyone too.


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