Minimalist Flooring Design

During this pandemic, apart from being busy with my work, what I am most busy at was improving our home's interior and exterior. We believe that home improvement is a continuous process. There is always something that we wanted to change or aesthetic to achieve. 

When we had some extra cash, our first project was to add kitchen cabinets and change our entire living room flooring. Before deciding what design to use at home, we had to research different designs at Pinterest and on the web. 

While searching, I saw the vinyl flooring store in Toronto that offers different options from vinyl, hardwood, carpet to laminate and tiles. I saw the porcelain tiles on their website and used the Neshada tile and stone design to match what we wanted for our living room. 

Porcelain tile is different from ceramic in that it is made from clay and other natural materials. Those materials are blended together and placed in a furnace at very high temperatures. This process creates tiles that are visually-attractive, resistant to wear, low-maintenance, durable, moisture-resistant, and easy to clean. Porcelain tiles are on the heavier side, which means you may need the help of professional installation team. For that, you may contact the flooring store's website for assistance. 

In the end, we opted for porcelain white tiles in the whole living room. We wanted white to also give the illusion of a wider room since our house is really small. We are discussing to use vinyl on the rooms next time. Maybe soon when we had the budget again to continue the renovation. For now, we are happy with a clean and white outcome. 

If you want your home improvement to get done right, hire the professionals. After all, they are the experts in their field. But if you can manage, you can save a lot too if you can fix it yourself. Whichever way you improve your home, you know your heart's desire so follow it. 

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