Review: The Face Shop CC Cushion Ultra Moist in Apricot in Beige

I waited long and hard before I used this product because of my pregnancy quite a long time ago. Now, I can finally review The Face Shop’s CC Cushion Ultra Moist in Apricot Beige which I kept for almost a year because my pregnancy and my breastfeeding journey stopped me from doing so. This is a long overdue post because I already used up this product because I loved it that much. 

More than those western products, I am more attracted to Korean products, hence the support I give to the bb cream mania instead of those foundation ones. Actually, I do not even own a single foundation. I am really more into Korean products because I feel they suit my skin even more.

I got this with a free refill so upon writing this, I still have one more to spare. but I was thinking of giving the extra to my sis as a gift. I feel that it’s only a week before it will all be used up. 

It is so simple, unlike those that have different packaging. Currently, I know TFS launched this with a cartoon characters on the cover. This one is from the classic release I suppose. It’s a shiny, round tub that has some silver in its lining which includes a blue puff. The box doesn’t have any English instruction in it, even in the cushion container itself making it difficult for the user to understand how to use it. I hope every Korean products will consider putting English for non-Korean customers. 

I remember that my sister got this for P1099 but since it was on sale during that time, there’s a freebie included which is the refill. It’s like saving half the price of the product. I don’t know the separate price of the refill. Will update the post once I found it.

Just like how I love using bb creams to make my look dewy, this almost has the same effect of that product. Only that it is easier to apply because of the puff. The puff easily distributes the product on my face, making application hands-free and clean. It’s just like having a sponge, only that this one is inside the container. Light-tap motion is needed to spread the product on the face and make the skin dewy. 

Yay for me! (◕‿  

  •  Got a freebie included upon purchasing. .
  • It makes the skin dewy and the effect is long-lasting. It can last 5-6 hrs depending how long I stayed under the sun.
  • Has a compact mirror which is great for quick touch-ups.
  • Available in different shades.
  • Has SPF 50+ PA+++ which acts as my sunscreen so I do not use sunblock anymore.
  • The puff included works like a magic. A little goes a long way! Just lightly-tap instead of spreading it.
Nay! ()

  • A little pricey but the quality is just great. Totally worth it!
  • The logo on the cover was easily removed.
  • No Korean translation making it difficult to understand the application process.  
Price: P1.099.00
Bought from: The Face Shop
Size: 15g.

I feel that I am a Korean on my past lifetime. Haha. I always feel great whenever I’m using Korean items. This cushion is not an exception. I have all praises for this one. I hope you can try one for yourself. Whenever I have this, I feel like my skin was like those Korean actors in a drama show. Super pretty! 

Any thoughts on this? Feel free to share below. Thanks! 

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