Food Getaway: Bap's Waffle Burger

Recently, Jaycee and I are so busy fixing so many things for our big day that there are times that we forget to reward ourselves. Before, we always on the lookout for good food and good resto whenever we celebrate something or if we just want to explore some new place. So after finishing a day's work last time and when he was about to send me home, we passed by Bap's Waffle Burger and decided to stop there and try their food as we haven't eaten that time yet. 

I've read from a review that Bap's Waffle Burger was one of the most-sought restaurant here in Pampanga for their WAFFLE BURGERS and it's a shame if we cannot try it. We always pass by this restaurant whenever we go to SM Pampanga from Jaycee's house and it's just beside Samgyupsal King which we have tried before. The latter was one of the Korean restaurants that I like here in San Fernando.

I ordered for the 3B's as per recommendation from one of their staff when I asked what their bestseller is. It's great to taste a waffle burger for the first time. You can really taste the softness of the waffle which makes it easy to bite the burger. It's full with cheese and the meat was so thick. I ordered half of this since I know, I won't be able to eat up the whole burger. My order came with fries as well. 

3B's with Mushroom - P119.00
Jaycee on the other hand ordered for Salt and Pepper. I'm not sure if it's Salt and Pepper or Sweet and Pepper because I tasted his order and I think it's a little sweet. I think it has a thick sauce and there's a kick on the flavor. It has a little sweetness and a little spice. Mine just tasted like Burger King's Whopper only that 3B's has more cheese in it. I love their fries by the way! I don't think it's fried. I'm not sure if it's baked or what. 

Salt and Pepper - P99.00
By the way. upon entering the place, you'll see this side of the wall which has different personalities faces' with their popular quotations put in together. I just can't help but take a photo of this cool spot. It delivers a vintage vibe.

HoneyBlend Iced Tea - P40.00
I have read from the past review that they were recommending Buffalo Wings and so we ordered it. I had a Buffalo Wings experience from a previous restaurant in North Edsa and I'm not really impressed. This buffalo wings was better than my former experience. The meat was soft and tender and the spice was just tolerable. It's sweet and spicy at the same time and both taste blended well. You can dip it in the sauce for a more balanced flavor. It's a little saucy for me but Jaycee said it was just okay.

Buffalo Wings - P165.00
I totally like the place. It's cozy and quiet and they have LED TV which cater cable shows. I think this is a great place for hanging and chilling out. Even Jaycee loved it here! I swear we'll be back. 

I have more food exploration and I encountered my first no-no resto. Where's that? I'll post it soon so watch out for that! Let's eat together soon! XOXO ♥


We went there yesterday after fixing and talking about so many things regarding the wedding. We had a tough day and we're both not really hungry (or should I say we're just tired) so we just had very light snack. We chose to have Beef Nachos and some Mango Waffle.

Beef Nachos - P165.00
Not totally a fan of their nachos because it just taste plainly like ordinary nachos. I think I can recreate this with a twist and can make it more yummier! 

Mango Waffle - P149.00

Their Mango Waffle was a little off my palate. I don't feel that the choco syrup blends well with the toppings but I like that their waffle was crunchy and the cashews are there. I just hope they'd put more mango cubes to it. I hope they can recreate it with a different choco syrup. It just wouldn't fit at all for me. 

I am still a fan of their waffle burgers and would love to try their pasta line as well. Hopefully I can bring some friends there next time! ♥


  1. This I want to visit! I've been wanting to Dine @ Bap's waffle burger, but my husband is not into burgers, fries.. He's more into Filipino Foods.. as in Heavy meals!haha.. But we can dine at Bap's soon :D affordable naman pala.. hehe <3

    1. Sis, let's eat here! Promise it's yummy! Affords din. :)


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