Food Getaway: Samgyupsal King

It's been ages since I last posted some food getaway on my blog because I was busy nowadays and eating out is my last option, not to mention saving bucks for the upcoming holiday season. However, Jaycee invited me to eat out and how can I say no to his free treat? That's his way of saying 'Let's Date!'. ♥

Samgyupsal King was opened almost a month ago as of this writing. We usually passed by this area whenever Jaycee would send me home so we already talked about dining here some time once it's open. Finally, the promise was made to be done. Hihi. :) 

We placed our order and we tried all three kinds of meat. I was actually contesting with Jaycee since we're only two and I am not sure if we can eat everything. When the orders were placed, it's really a huge serving for 3-4 so Jaycee came up with a suggestion to invite his mom to join our dinner. We only dine with his mom once in a blue moon so we both agreed to it. 

Plain, Sweet Soy Sauce and Korean Chili Sauce were the different meat they had. I honestly wanted to taste all so I somehow agreed when he said once that we take this. Fine then! ;)

How to enjoy eating Samgyupsal

When Jaycee left, all I did was to turn the meat around the grill and ate some of the side dishes. Their side dishes were refillable. 

The meat were served. The Korean chili sauce was the one in the farthest left, Plain was in the middle and the Sweet Soy Sauce closest to you.

Lettuce were also served and these were not refillable together with both soups below.

Everything was served and the meat were already grilling and I am still waiting for Jaycee and his mom. So I just turned the meat upside down every few minutes to avoid it from burning. I tried turning it off to since I want to wait for them before I start eating.

This looks like a buffet right? I really enjoyed eating here and I would definitely come back for more! Perhaps with the family or other group of friends.

Photo op! I am really haggard because this was after work and I am on my zombie mode after finishing computing class records of my dear students. Good thing Jaycee treated me to dinner to bring my sanity back. Haha.

I enjoyed eating here and I want to try dining again or at some samgyupsal resto along the highway, a little far from here. Let's see what the competitor has to offer. 

More food getaway soon! ♥

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  1. Andaming side dishes and the meat portion is quite big too! Sarap!


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