Review: Lollitint Vs. Benetint

It's been months since I finally got the chance to use the samples I received from my BDJ box with Benefit samples inside. The latest Benefit exclusive BDJ box had was their June subscription which I unboxed here. For one, my products for review were piling up and I have to use what I got first and secondly, I really forgot to use the June box so I just had the time to review it now. 

Benetint and Lollitint were famous for being Benefit's bestselling item as they are very effective and long-wearing. I was pretty amazed when I first used these tints. I thought they would not leave my lips and cheeks all throughout.

This candy-orchid tint treats lips and cheeks to a "pop" of dreamy sweetness. For a natural, rosy glow, just brush three strokes on the apple of your cheeks and blend quickly with fingertips. It is the flirtiest flush you can get from a bottle, and it's smudge-proof, smooch-proof color lasts from day to night. Talk about stain power! 

This original rose-tinted stain is kiss-proof, see-through color for lips and cheeks that lasts for hours. Wear it under your favorite lipstick or lip gloss to amp up the staying power of your lip color, and under a highlighter on cheeks for a healthy, dewy glow. Just the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle!

I tried to swatch both tints and I noticed that Lollitint was a bit thicker than Benetint. In just a little less than 10 seconds, the Benetint was already absorbed on my skin while Lollitint was still intact. Though after a while of letting the Lollitint stayed on my skin while fixing the swatch of the second tint, look at what it created on the farthest photo below.  

I tried to blend the Lollitint properly but it left a mark like how I used the content to swatch on my skin. Notice the unnoticeable blended part? You'll notice the mark that was left first before the very light blend I did.

I thought it was cool to see Benetint being absorbed so fast on the skin and I like how Lollitint stayed quite well without doing anything to it. Both tints proved their superb quality on long wear. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • Both tints can be used on lips and cheeks. I think that's the hip f tints nowadays!
  • Benefit provided option by including both tints. Trying to give some 'pop' of color.
  • Travel-sized.
  • Long-wearing. 
  • Wonderful color. ♥
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Benefit stores are hard to find in the provinces.
  • I am particularly not a fan of the smell of the Benetint. The old rose smell was quite a bit strong for me. By smelling it, I feel that I can taste it. Not good! :(
PriceIncluded in the June BDJ Box
Bought from: June BDJ Box 
Size:  2.5 ml.

Have you tried Benefit's popular bestsellers on lip and cheek tint? Both Beneft and Lollitint delivered it's best quality performance for me. I hope they will be easily available locally. 

More reviews soon on the blog! Xoxo ♥

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