Event: Blogapalooza 2014

It was indeed a day full of fun and excitement at the Blogapalooza 2014 event held at SM Aura Taguig last October 11, 2014. The first date was postponed because of the heavy rain and typhoon and since it was pushed on a later date, 200+++ bloggers were added from the original 500+++ which made the venue packed with a lot of beautiful people! Oh I love going to events! By the way, this is my first #Blogapalooza event since I started blogging! For me, this is definitely the biggest gathering of bloggers in the country. :)

Every blogger is entitled a +1 so I attended with my boyfriend. It was also his first time to experience attending blogger events. He was also happy to grace the occasion but I know he's pretty tired because he's the one who brought all of the freebies on his shoulders. Oh how I love him!

Upon arrival, bloggers need to register to get an ID and a bag. They even gave out early newspaper from Manila Bulletin. Now I know why there's a bag. :)

Note: Heavy photos on this post

There are a lot of sponsors for this event. See the tarp on my background below.

When we first entered the event venue, I thought there were just few booths but when I did a quick tour, I was wrong, so wrong!! My legs still sore now because of the never-ending standing and walking around the hall. But it was all worth it indeed!

 Sydenham gave out samples of 2 pcs. anti-stress tablets. Cool! 

Zap gave out tag card for discounts and cash back. I thought they'll give me something as a prize since I won their challenge. Haha.

At the Globe booth, you need to purchase an app before they'll give you freebie. 

Acer gave out pens and bag tags if you like their fan page on Facebook. A photo op is also included and a chance to win cool items!

 Dyson gave out a goodie bag after I registered. They have great vacuum cleaners. I want to have one at home!

My Shopping Box had a game where you need to shoot 3 balls inside the hole to win a Powerbank. I only got 2 in so I got an umbrella instead. 

I know EssaysPH got a cool concept for a game but I pass here because it takes so much time. I think there are three steps before you can find the key. Kudos to the concept though. Btw, they're hiring!

One of the coolest booth I visited. Zomato will let you do some challenge. For me it was asking for 5 signatures from different bloggers then take a pic with them and upload it on Instagram. I got a loot bag afterwards. :)

Yummy Chips Ahoy! I like the one with Mint. I hope they gave out samples. They only let us taste both variants. This is really my fave cookie.  :)

The Brain Fit Studio booth caught my attention since it's all about learning. They're giving out free trials but I didn't received anything from them. I think you can just visit their website.

Unlock the Wifi wall within 60 seconds! Cool challenge from Zion Wifi. I unlocked it after several seconds and got a GC! Cool!

Victoria Court are giving away prizes and discount cards on their Spin-A-Wheel game. 

Bio-Essence gave out a loot bag after I posted a photo on Instagram. It included a soap and a lip balm! They also gave out free treatment (a choice of massage or a facial)

At Zing Rewards, they will let you play Minute-To-Win-It and I lose on the first level. Got a notebook though. :)

If there's the best booth, there's a booth that I did not feel at all. I don't know what's with TouchPay because no one talked to us at their booth.

Another great booth! I think Flawless has the longest line of all booths! You need to pop up the balloon and you'll get a prize! I popped all three! :)

Dr. Kong gave free foot assessment to the bloggers. I found out I am pronated and I need to put support on my shoes or I can also ask for suggestion at Dr. Kong on what shoes would fit me to correct my foot problem.

 I experienced Instax at Henry's Camera. They didn't gave me some loot bag though.

While everyone's roaming around the hall, a band serenaded us with some greatsongs. Hey, they're so cool and the vocals was really good!

Sample Room gave out samples to those who registered at their site. 

In between checking out booths, we rested for a while and listened to Bogart_D Explorer's talk with his slang accent! He's so cute and funny! 

Passed by Gaming Library and they'll let you play with their board games. We don't know any of those so we pass. 

Crocs gave out pens and mini slippers for display. I thought they're giving out shoes.

YSA Skincare gave out coffee in sachets and I also won a GC from them when I joined a contest onstage in posting a photo on Instagram with a hashtag of #Blogapalooza. :)

My Oh-so-handsome partner for Pinoy Henyo.
Bonsey Jaden was very hardworking in explaining to us every detail regarding them being digital brand architects. They believe that digital marketing is now a necessity. I agree too!
Thanks to Chef Noodle for giving out Sushi samples. I was so tired and hungry and they just came right in time! Love their sushi! :)

Cute hoodies from Authority Hoodie. Very anime and kpoppish! ♥

Jergens got a 7-day challenge! Too bad they ran out of samples so they will be just sending some to bloggers to try the challenge! Love their lotions! :)

Caronia gave out a whole set of their Blue Moon collection inspired by Ballet Philippines. NOTDs soon! :)

One year supply of my nail polish. The downside: Same shade the entire year! Haha :)

I won the puzzle game from AMPR at 0.49 seconds. I won a Snoe product which I will be reviewing soon! Love the prize! ♥

Our Awesome Planet really got awesome and funny activity on their booth. They will transform you as your favorite character. 

Thank you View Park Hotel for the #Blogapalooza tumbler. I didn't got the chance to join their #Wackypalooza photo booth! :(

NIU gave out discount coupons to bloggers. I regret not visiting their branch in SM Aura that day! 

DIY your donuts at Krispy Kreme's booth! They will let you take in charge in designing your own donut! Cute and cool! :) 

Jaycee tried to doodle his with our combined names. 

I picked blue since it's my fave color. This is too much sweet though! :(

First time to see Maxene Magalona while presenting for Flawless. She's very simple and pretty. 

Habitat for Humanity Philippines Race to 200k program will help those families who were affected by the Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban. I will create a separate blog post for this soon! Let's help them raise the funds guys! 

After almost a whole day of touring around SM Aura's Convention Center, we sore and we got a lot of difficulty travelling back to Pampanga because of this whole stash of goodies from the event. Thanks to all the sponsors and bloggers who were at the event in making the event successful. Special thanks to Our Awesome Planet and When in Manila in organizing this yearly event for bloggers. This won't be a huge success without you guys so thank you for letting us to be a part of this. 

Freebies Overloaaaaaaaaddd!


Gift Certificates! 

Cool freebies! 

Portfolios and Business Cards from the Sponsors. 

I will be busy on the upcoming days since I will be doing separate posts for some sponsors like the Habitat for Humanity Philippines which really touched my heart, Chooks to Go which I really enjoyed among others. I will also be having giveaways to give out some on this loots so watch out for that! 

I know this is already long so thank you for reading it until the last part. More post for each of the businesses present here soon. I got a lot of work to do from now on. Let's cheer on that! 

More soon. Lots of love. 
Xoxo ♥


  1. great post! I was there too! too bad I only had 3 hours so I was not able to some of the booths.

    --- nhengswonderland.blogspot.com

  2. Wow! Would have loved to join this wonderful event. I don't know most of the businesses you featured. Thanks for the info.


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