Empties #7

It's been a while since I last posted empties. Now that I feel that my network is becoming wide with regard to getting items for free and reviewing them as well as buying them, I have so many products that I use in different occasions making it hard for me to finish the products. So I think it's just reasonable not to post empties often. 

Here's my latest dose of some of products that I used. 

I love all the sample sizes above from Benefit. The 'Stay Don't Stray' eye primer, the 'Hello Flawless' and the 'Benetint' are all lovely! I used up the whole Pixy foundation and got my refill which I am using now. Not really a fan of the Pure Beauty line which includes the Day Lotion and the Night Cream. I decided to threw it away because the package looks like it's melting. 

There you go! You? What's the product that you finished off lately? Are there repeat products or none? I am so curious to know! Drop your comments below and let's chat! 

'Till the next post. Xoxo ♥

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