My Chooks-to-Go Kwelavan Booth Experience!

Last Saturday, October 11, Blogapalooza was held at SM Aura Convention Center and a lot of businesses were there. Blogapalooza is an event where businesses can meet bloggers who can promote their companies, services, brands and products! It is an event where bloggers can find out about the biggest and latest products and services that businesses has to offer and to share the good news to their loyal readers and followers.  I already posted about my experience on the event here. One of the sponsor that I think was the coolest was Chooks-to-Go Kwelavan booth!

Meet Chikoy! He's the cutest chicken ever!!! ♥

 Kwelavan Booth where you will break an egg, run and jump! It was a very cool concept of a booth!

We also requested one of the attendees on the booth to take a video of us while playing at Kwelavan! I actually wanted to play more but there were so many bloggers who are in line to try it next. It was so fun and cool! 

After the game, we were given discount vouchers that we can use online which is only available for Metro Manila residents. Too bad since I came all the way from Pampanga. However, I can still give this to my sister who's residing in Eastwood. She can order it through Foodpanda. :)

Btw, did you know that Kwelahan is the Best Advergame and Best Game Engine in the Philippine Game Development Festival 2014? No wonder they got it! They really deserve to win! ^_^  ♥

Have you tried Chooks-to-Go Kwelavan booth at the #Blogapalooza? Share your thought here. ^_^
Xoxo ♥


  1. I love reading your whole experience! That is a nice event for bloggers and the company to promote their products and services. I'm a big fan of Chooks to go. I think its so scrumptious!:)

  2. Chooks-to-go is really love (without bias because we are just under one company roof, haha!) Anyway, meron pala nyan sis. Ibang department kasi kami. I'll check it nga :)


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