Food Getaway: The Tea District

Jaycee and I rarely have tea sessions but when we do, for sure there are a lot of things that we talk about. Good thing we decided to sit and talk about our wedding and now, I can feel the progress. Haha. We went at The Tea District last time by the way.

He actually have some compliance to finish and we decided to go to a cafe but The Tea District was just beside a coffee shop and Jaycee decide that we had tea instead than the usual coffee. For a change. 

Jaycee ordered Mango Orange Slush with Poppers and I had a Green Apple Slush with some sinkers as well. I like what I ordered and Jaycee even liked it as well he offered for an exchange. I was actually amazed with the poppers in the Mango-Orange slush because it really pops once it's in your tongue. Cool experience! 

We also included a clubhouse sandwich in our order. Only one for both of us since it's a little big. The bread wasn't new because I can taste that it's not fresh anymore. What I like were the bacon strips and cheese inside. I just hope the  bread is new to fully give the flavor of the sandwich.  

The place was really quiet because there were only few customers and the place was a little big. I actually liked the concept of their interior but I wasn't able to fully take photos of the place because I was too immense with the wedding planning and all.

I would love to return to the place with my friends and even Jaycee again. I like to try their other tea version as well. The Tea District is located at Northwalk 2, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

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