Dress Your Way and Feel It Girl!

Lately, I've been a  fan of working out because I recently joined a movement challenge and been kind of addicted to moving out often. I actually wrote about the challenge on my lifestyle blog. While the challenge was ongoing, I just wore the house clothes I have at home. No workout clothes at all. Compare to other participants that wore their best body shaper which looks really good while working out so I thought I might get one for myself. I actually have ample of reasons as to why I don't have any workout clothes at the moment. 


My workout clothes were small already. I have a lot but most are sized small and I am now Large. My pre-maternity bod was petite but I suddenly blew up to large after giving birth to two kids. From then on, I wasn't working out so I didn't thought of buying myself one. It was also last minute that I joined the challenge so I wasn't able to prepare for it. The succeeding days were all busy days and can't find some time to buy for myself. Also I got the thinking that once I move more, I might lose more weight and those old outfits would fit then. It is also saving money and trying to avoid waste at the same time.

But of course, a reward for all the workout I did won't hurt. So I am stalking this site where I can get waist trainer wholesale which can also help me save. I like their designs and they have features that's great for people like me who want to wear waist trainer yet stay fashionable. They also have diverse sizes and designs so online shopping experience will really rewarding. 


So if you want to train to be skinny and bad ass, go for these fab waist trainers and body shapers as I know you will feel good while working out when you wear them. Addition to that is that the core of these garments are made of latex which helps with waist sculpturing and shaping. 


So whenever you exercise, you are celebrating what your body can do. Remember that whenever you feel the pain, it is the weakness that is leaving your body. Your body can stand almost anything, it is just your mind that you have to convince. Give it what it deserve, eat healthy, drink healthy and let it wear fantastic outfit so it would thank you for a job well done. 


  1. Thank you for this mama tet inspiring po and sa tips din.nakakatuwa din sumali sa ganyan challenge kasi for the health din pag may time na po ako try ko din po katulad ng nabili and mukhang ang comfy pa gamitin and maganda ang quality 💯

  2. Mukang maganda nga po tong waist trainer, parang gusto kong I try
    I agree with you po, it's all in the mind. Keep motivated and reaxh your goal.
    Anyway, I'm impressed with the result of your challenge. You are consistent with your workouts and the result is good.


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