Review: Vue De Pulang Blur Stick

I am here to review a new product in the skincare community which was released recently at the Jolse's website. I got lucky again as I entered their giveaway where I won This Vue De Pulang Blur Stick.

This product is a stick-type primer which hides the pores and lines and also serve as an oil-eraser meaning it controls sebum without the dryness. 

PACKAGING - This is housed in a cute holographic box with a photo of a woman who looks like a superhero ( I was thinking of Wonder Woman actually) and inside a bullet-type container making it hygienic to use. 

KEY INGREDIENTS - It has those hard to pronounce ingredients but the Pink Calamine is a stand out on the list. Pink Calamine calms tired skin and erase the worries on your skin. 

CLAIMS - Hide flaws, pores, and lines to make it flawless and smooth skin. It also erase unnecessary oil without drying the skin. 

SCENT - This has a powdery scent but disappears instantly when contact with skin. 

PRICE - I got this as a giveaway prize but it is currently on sale at Jolse for $11.05 but regular price is at $19.42. 

TEXTURE - It is soft and smooth which makes it easily glides on the skin. I actually like the texture. It isn't chalky or cakey at all. 

EFFECT - I can say it's true to what it claims. It really makes my pores almost invisible without the oil and drying feeling. It also makes the skin smooth to touch and doesn't build up on my face. I actually though it would be cakey and heavy but it isn't. I love this as a blurry stick and can also work as the primer as well. 

This really worked wonders on my skin. I got a lot of compliments saying I am blooming and people are asking what I used because my skin looks so good. I am grateful! 

Huge thanks to Jolse for launching the giveaway. Because of that I was able to try this great product. 

Are you using any blur stick or primers now? Share what you are using in the comments below!

Keep slayin' babe! 💓

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