Way More than Just a Bed for the Night: Capturing that Luxury Hotel Experience

There was a time when an ensuite bathroom was considered the height of luxury. Deciding what counts as a luxury hotel is a bit of a moving target. As people’s expectations change, so the hotel trade has to move to catch up with them. Then there is the matter of personal taste. Just how do you decide if your hotel lives up to its claim to be luxurious? 

A Touch of Class 
It’s the hardest thing to define, but when you see it, you know it. A luxury hotel should have something about it that you can feel is unique. It might be the décor, or it might be the story behind it. Something will tell you that a person or team with imagination and flair has been behind this place, and they still give it an atmosphere that you will not find elsewhere. 

Every Guest a VIP 
A luxury hotel does not reserve its special treatment for the top paying guests. When you arrive you will not have to wait at the reception desk but will be greeted by a member of staff equipped with a tablet to book you in while you sit comfortably in the foyer. Checking out will be as quick and easy as checking in. Transfer services to and from the airport will be smooth and comfortable. 

Stand-Out Amenities 
Most hotels have a pool and fitness center, so a luxury one should have something extra. The Protea Marriott Durban Umhlanga Ridge, for instance, has a rooftop pool and an outstanding spa treatment facility. 

A luxury hotel will usually be in a stunning location, with mountain views or access to a world-class beach, and it will take advantage of those features to give guests a sense of privilege. Transport to the main local places of interest should be laid on. 

Something Extra 
When you stay in a luxury hotel, you can expect that your room will stick in your memory. The décor will have a personal touch. The coffee-making facilities will be state-of- the-art. The bathroom will not only be clean and provided with good toiletries and robes, but will also be spacious and decorated with style. 

You would expect every room to have a fine view, preferably with a balcony, or at least some internal features that will make it stand out from the ordinary. 

Great Food 
A luxury hotel will, unless it is a small boutique establishment, have at least one excellent restaurant, with menus that change regularly and food prepared by a top chef. The furniture will be comfortable and well-spaced, and the service will be friendly, efficient, and well-informed. The room service menu will also be imaginative and the presentation stylish. 

We Are All Different 
 All guests and all hotels are different, and not everyone will appreciate the same things. However, apart from the basic requirements of comfort and cleanliness, a visit to a truly luxurious hotel will be a memorable experience for most of us.

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