Review: BYS Nude Eye Palette

Palette is a girl’s best friend, especially if she is fond of makeup. I was so excited when I subscribed for Glamourbox curated box because I know that there’s an eyeshadow palette included on it. It’s like the counterpart of Naked but of course, Naked is more expensive and since I am still practicing eye makeup, I can opt using this instead. Right now, I know they have a promo of Buy 2 Take 1 for P1499.00. This however, is what I got about a year ago and I am practicing with this one so I chose not to be swayed by the promo. (Oh good heavens, it’s so difficult not to be swayed!)

Anyway, I like that this palette is a mix of shimmer and matte. There are also 12 shades to choose from. It’s nice to mix and match the different shades to create the look you want.

I like that the packaging is lightweight and can be carried around anywhere. It also has a built-in mirror and has 2 brushes included. It consists of 12 nude shades – a combination of matte and shimmer.

There are shades that are super pigmented and there are those that aren’t much visible. I noticed that the darker ones were more pigmented than the lighter shades.

It retails at P1199.00. Quite expensive for me and each shade consists of only a small portion of the product. But since it consists of 12 colors, I think it is somewhat okay anyway.

To be honest, I really didn’t feel that it is longwearing. There are some that are okay and some were removed easily at all. When I wear them in the morning, by midday, I don’t see any color anymore. Even when I use eye primer, I also think it doesn’t sit much long on the skin. Yes, it is a bit longer than not having primer at all but I feel there’s not much difference.

Yay for me! (◕‿ 
  • It’s included in a curated box and got it for really less.
  • It’s a mix of matte and shimmer so there are a lot of options.
  • Mirror and brushes included which is great for on-the-go application.

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Some colors are not really long wearing. .
  • The brushes that comes with it falls off easily.

PriceGot it from Glamourbox
Bought from: Glamourbox Curated Box Subscription
 Size: 12g

Even if it didn’t work like how I want it to be, I still like the thought that I have an eyeshadow palette in hand. I can use this whenever I feel like it and it’s also easy to bring compare to my huge palettes that are as big as books.

I hope I can practice combining more shades with this palette. Will share those on my IG @thecuteanddainty.


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