Review: BYS Brow Definition Kit

Kilay is life. Always and forever. Only when I am too busy being a mom that I can’t paint my eyebrows but whenever I have time, I always try to practice makeup, especially doing my eyebrows. So when I opened this eyebrow kit from BYS which I got from Glamourbox about a year ago, I immediately fell in love in its pigmentation. Yes, I only opened it now because I have a lot of products in stock.

This kit has 3 different powders and there’s a wax on the lower right. The latter was intended to use for shaping and prepping the brows. Then there's also the lightest brown, the medium one and the black. I usually use the black part on the outer part of my brows. The lightest in front and the medium at the center. I do not normally use the wax because I feel it is sticky and it just make my brow hairs sticking to each other. 

It's just simple as how it is to be. For a kit, I think it is pretty handy given the size and the shape. If a brow kit is bigger than this, I think I would not bring it with me anywhere. This can be easily tossed in any kikay kit. 

They are super pigmented, especially the black one. One swipe is all you need. You can also work on the remaining product from the brush to fill in the sparse area after lining or shaping your brows.

It retails at P399.00. This product was included in the Glamourbox beauty box so I think I saved a little less than the original price. Beauty boxes are great because you get a curated box and you'll discover more items to your liking and you will also save a lot compare in purchasing individual beauty items. However, it is a bit costly with its original price but it can last for a long period of time because it is super pigmented.  

The color of the powders were all usable and can be used in different skin tone.

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Super pigmented.
  • Lightweight packaging.
  • Stays longer with the wax on. (But I still feel it’s stickiness)
  • In fairness to the brush, I like the slanted brush that comes together with the kit. It works great with the product and doesn’t fall off easily.

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  •  I don’t see the wax’s purpose (though it makes the color stay longer). It just makes my brow hairs stick together, making it hard to blend.
  • A little expensive for P399. I have different eyebrow products and they’re all cheap and works great as well. 

PriceGot it from Glamourbox
Bought from: Glamourbox Subscription
 Size: 4g

If you’re someone who loves on fleek or just simply Korean-look brows, then this eyebrow kit is for you. I like playing with this when I have a little time to spare, but I can’t work on this when I’m in a rush. There’s just a lot of things going on in using this, compared to just lining my brows with a pencil.

Recommending this to all my kikay readers out there. Ciao! 

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