Start-up Business for Home Based Moms

You will only know the feeling when you experience it. This phrase is exactly my words when I became a mom. Being a mom is the most selfless act in the entire universe. You sacrifice anything and everything just for the sake of your family’s goodwill. You will also do just about anything for them.

In my personal experience being a mom, I always wanted what’s best for my baby. I wanted to do what’s the best out there for him. I tried to exclusively breastfeed my little one despite the hardships along the way. For 13 months now, I still keep what I am doing. I would say that I am proud I survived this long. I endured all the sacrifices and difficulties that comes with it. I also followed Tamang Kain (Kid and infant Nutrition) strictly when he reached beyond 6 months where I offered only fruits and veggies less the taste. I am also babywearing him and wish to start with cloth diapers too soon. Only in the latter that I am having a problem because of our lifestyle. We will still find a way to do it though.

Now, I am also thinking of getting insurances for him and the family, investing in stocks after getting our new house (which is soon I hope) and thinking of doing a homebased business. For one, I am talking to suppliers and still learning the process of it all.

Recently I found a very simple and fast way to earn money by selling ice candy. I must admit, it sounded not convincing at first but when I personally tasted the very product itself, I know that this business will surely be a hit. It is with the help of Nay’s Ice Candy.

Nay’s Ice Candy believes that Nanay or mothers are one of the best business managers in the world but they don't know where and how to start. By selling Nay's Ice Candy, they aim to help Filipino families in creating a sustainable livelihood for Nanay's and help our country overcome poverty through micro-entrepreneurship. 

So if you are a stay-at-home-mom or just wanted to venture into a profitable business that is not too difficult to do even with your mommy duties, then this business is for you. I am sure that people around you will love it. It has great flavors, too. Just brace yourself in being busy during summer because surely this will be an instant hit.

Contact Sir Maike Gats if you want to inquire. 

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