National Pampering Day 2017

Freebies are always magical. It always makes someone happy. Nailaholics surely knows how to deliver that by making sure that their patrons are happy by giving them free pampering every year. Now, they're on their 2nd year of giving free services such as free manicure, foot spa, or foot massage. The store continues its mission by launching another successful #NationalPamperingDay. 

People were all happy to receive their free services. From 10am to 1pm, the store was open to everyone and those who had the golden ticket can get free services. They can choose from the ones mentioned above. 

I know that the event was very successful because there were a lot of posts in Instagram and Facebook about the activity. It was a huge success! 

Thank you Nailaholics for sending out positive and happy vibes as always. Will visit you again sometime soon! 

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