Honeymoon Destinations: From Romantic to Extreme

Can’t you decide where to spend your honeymoon? Nowadays various agencies offer a large choice
of resorts and exotic places. But before you make your choice, you need to weigh all the “pros” and
“cons”. We offer top honeymoon destinations.

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1. Paris, France
Paris is a highly popular variant among newlywed. And what is it so? This is because Paris is the city
of lovers. You may have a great opportunity to visit all the sights of the city, take a bunch of romantic
photographs and go shopping in the most luxurious boutiques.

2. French Riviera, France
Go into the world of celebrities, glamour, and love because French Riviera is one of the best
honeymoon destinations. This resort is so popular due to the mild climate in all seasons. By the way,
don’t forget to spend at least a day on a luxury yacht! It will be unforgettable!

3. Hong Kong, China
Young and active people will like this modern city! Hong Kong will not allow closing your eyes even
for a second. Be sure to see a unique Chinese culture and visit the main sights of the city. And also
there are restaurants, bars, and clubs for every taste. That is why Hong Kong is in the list of the
honeymoon destinations.

4. Hawaii
Those, who are lucky enough to visit these magical islands, will come back here for sure. Here the
atmosphere of joy and overwhelming fun. Beautiful nature, exotic cocktails, cozy coves, and fiery
dances attract lovers from all over the world. Don’t you believe? Make sure by yourself!

5. Quito, Ecuador
Quito can be called one of the unique honeymoon destinations. Why? Ecuador is famous for its
interesting history, friendly residents, and low prices on everything. Five-star hotels will pleasantly
surprise newly married couples. Also, you will be surprised by cheap public transport, tasty and
affordable cuisine, and inexpensive jewelry. And the local beaches, rainforests and a volcano is the
dream of any traveler. And only here you can see the real Galapagos turtles in their natural

6. Machu Picchu, Peru
This is one of the best places in the world for hiking and seeing ancient ruins. The ancient Inca city of
Machu Picchu, located on the top of a ridge at a height of 2450 meters, attracts tourists from all over
the world. This city is called the “city among the clouds” and it is not surprising: its stunning look is

7. Alaska, USA
Honeymoon for adventurers involves a journey on a comfortable ship, hiking and kayaking for two,
studying fjords and glaciers, during which you can admire the icebergs out the window of your cabin.
Nature is the main attraction of Alaska. You will be able to see the vast plains and mountains covered
with snow, forests that are full of animals and lakes that are full of fish, Arctic meadows and national
parks, small towns far from the bustle of big cities.

8. Lisbon, Portugal
Many newlyweds will like Romantic atmosphere of the southern country. Narrow streets, cozy cafes,
and beautiful scenery of the city will not let you get bored. In addition, Lisbon has the biggest beach
in all Europe!

9. Fiji
If you want to know how the nature is great, then you should go to Fiji. It is the perfect place for
couples in love. There are mysterious caves and grottoes, picturesque bays and stunning beaches. Fiji
is definitely among the top honeymoon destinations.

10. Florida, USA
Florida takes the last place among honeymoon destinations. If you want not only to sunbathe and
swim but also to gain more experiences, then pay attention to the resorts of Florida. Especially it will
be nice to join a cruise on a luxury liner that will allow you to enjoy all the beauties of the coast. This
is a very cool idea for any honeymoon.

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