Food Getaway: Celebrating The Orange Bucket’s First Anniversary

Bagged as Pampanga’s Best Seafood Restaurant, The Orange Bucket recently celebrated their 1st anniversary last October 19, 2017. It is with great love that we were invited to a thank you meal by their owner and staff. 

Below are some of the dishes they served to us. They have their newest dish that they're planning to add on their menu which is the Pomelo salad. I like the tangy take on its taste and the crunchiness of the nut. Perfect appetizer. Plus their lumpia has always been a hit. 

Soups are always great in any occasion. Love the texture on this soup. 

Since the resto has an Asian Fusion concept, there's also Bulgogi if you are fond of it. And their newest addition on their menu, the Baby Back ribs. The meat was just super soft it falls right on the bones. 

And of course, The Orange Bucket won't be complete without their special Cajun Seafood Bucket which has been always a fave of mine. My friends and I always comes here whenever we wanted to eat seafood. For me, they’re the best seafood restaurant here in San Fernando.; 

.. and to top everything off, they also served us their dessert which is a combination of different taste of some sort. This is liek their version of halo-halo. 

Once again, congratulations on your success and thank you again The Orange Bucket for inviting us. I super love the overwhelming huge crabs and shrimps. Lovin’ the Back Ribs too! 

See you on their opening on their Balibago branch on the 29th of October, 2017! Cheers!


  1. The crabs looks delicious!! Craving <3

    1. It's so mouthwatering and it was really huge. Would love to come back there for more!

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