Review: Nivea Body Lotion In-Shower Intensive

Remember that I was one of those who hauled during the Nivea BIG SALE on the first week of the month? I hauled the last day and I got so many wipes and lip balms and I even got myself this Nivea's In-Shower lotion. I heard so many raves regarding this product and since it's half the price, might as well take one and experience it myself. 

This In-Shower Lotion is basically a lotion but the difference is, you can apply it during shower time. So no need to wait for long time before your ordinary lotion dries up. This is so useful especially if you woke up in the morning really late and you're in a hurry. This is meant for me! :) 

I love the scent and how fast it can be rinse. It has a watery texture that is easy to apply. It also moisturizes the skin so well. Instructions in English are provided at the back of the bottle and they also put a mark on CAUTION for safety after using the product. 

It's very convenient to have this and I love using it. It's meant for those busy person on the go who sometimes don't have time to put lotion because of time constraint. I'm guilty of that! I know I should always put lotion but the application and drying time would cost me a lot of minutes so I sometimes skipped that. Especially if I woke up late (which I am always guilty of). 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • So affordable on sale. 
  • Very convenient to use. No need to wait for long minutes for the ordinary lotion to dry.
  • Very nice scent.
  • Claims to have Almond Oil which replenishes moisture.
  • Has a CAUTION mark at the back of the bottle for safety.
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Hope it has a whitening effect but nah, who cares. I have one lovely useful product to cherish.
  • It might make some tub or shower floor slippery. I noticed though that I didn't really experienced it. 
Price: P87.75 (SALE Price)
Bought from: SM Department Store (SM Pampanga)
 Size: 250 ml.

I think my disappointment was that I didn't got too much of it. I should have while it was on sale then. I just wanted to try it and I love the result. If only I have hauled on the first day of the SALE, I might have gotten more of this. 

Anyway, have you used or are you familiar with this product? What do you think about it? Do you think it's a great find? I like it and I hope you also did. 

I'll share more reviews soon! I hope not to miss you guys since school days are here once again and I'm sure I'll be pretty busy again. Hope I'll have more time to linger here. Love y'all. XOXO ♥

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