Review: Jordana Lipliner in Cocoa

I seldom use lipliners but most of the time I received it as a freebie whenever I buy from an online beauty store. I'm not really sure why most online stores would give lipliners as a freebie. No idea about that. So as I was cleaning my beauty product storage a week ago (as if I have tons of stuff huh?) I saw that I have around new 5 lip liners that I didn't use. I opened them up and tried some. First one was from Jordana. The shade is Cocoa.  

It's nice to have lipliners because you can play around the shape of your lips according to how you want to make it stand out. Though I haven't mastered the application of lipliners yet than an ordinary lipstick. Lipsticks, tints, gloss, balms etc, glides easily on the lips unlike lipliners. One of my reader actually said that her mom doesn't want her to use lipliner because it would make a person look old. I also have that impression on certain lipliners. I feel that it wrinkles the lips. That's how I can term it.

This shade's color was soft sane as the pencil itself. There's a time that while sharpening it, it broke and I have to sharpen it again. Did the sharpening thrice until I got the photo above. I was actually already careful in sharpening and I don't know what hell happened. Compared to the other lipliners I opened together with this, they're harder than Jordana's. 

Since it's Cocoa, I bet it will be dark. Dark brown actually. The pencil is soft, the color is soft and honestly it's hard to apply. It's too messy that I have to wash clean my hands because I'm spreading the color everywhere, on my hands, the cheek, face, everywhere! That's the time I got mad with this product. Haha. It just wouldn't cooperate. 

So after trying the product for review and after messing everywhere my body parts, the pencil broke off again and that's the time I decided not to sharpen it anymore. Perhaps I got tired of all the hassle it's giving me. I don't want to be stressed with just one product. 

Since I can't make the tip of the pencil sharp because it kept on breaking, the upper line on my lips became very bothersome. It's not really straight as I want it to be. A pencil liner can actually correct that but I did not bother anymore. It will just be a mess if I'll continue it.

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • Got it as FREE. Forgot what store. 
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • It's totally a mess for me. I don't like the color nor the pencil itself. It's too soft and it's difficult to sharpen. 
Price: Received as a freebie
Bought from: FREE
 Size: .185g.

If I would suggest, I hope they remove this on their lists and focused to a broader market their retractable pencils. I think retractable are better than this. Have you seen my Play 101 review from Etude House? That pencil was SO great. It's way, way greater than this. You should just try that one instead. 

I will still be keeping this because I think I can use this for contouring or anything that can be used for a play and the like. I teach theater arts to my students and this may be useful in productions. I can give it to the makeup director instead. 

Would I recommend this? Definitely NO because of my experience. But you can still try it if you like. You may have a different view about it. I'll blog the other lipliners soon! 

Spread the love and hope! XOXO ♥

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