Manicure Monday: Trendy Nail GR506

Few weeks ago, I bought stuff from The Face Shop and I got this mini nail polish which is an apple green color and was so cute that I immediately included it in my cart together with the other stuff I bought. I so love the color but why did I hate the brush and the formula? 

The color was very bright and very pastel. It's my very first apple green and I actually like love the color but I guess the problem was with the brush and the formula. The brush wasn't really fine at all. The photo above looks kinda decent since it's 4 coats. Some nails were 5. 

To be safe, you need to put a top coat after the whole application because I left my nails without top coat for quite a while. I was planning to eventually finish it with a top coat but I attended some urgent matter for a few minutes when I saw marks and lines. I actually just moved when I thought that the polish was dry. And I really took care of my nails and moved very very carefully to avoid it bumping with some stuff. Turns out that it bumped on my other finger so little marks were created.

I think this is a very tricky polish. You need to take control of the content since it dries up pretty fast when you lift the brush from the bottle. The brush I think was also too disoriented. Also to avoid markings on the finish polish, you secure it with top coat. A must for this label I guess. I sometimes skip top coat on other polish I trust but I can't give that to this line. 

I'm a fan of all the shades on this line but I don't think I'm getting a second bottle of the Trendy Nail set. I'll try the different line of polishes at The Face Shop though. Just a little disappointed with the outcome. It may not be visible in your eyes but it was in mine. The photo shows the daintiness of the color and I admire this polish for that. And that's just about it. 

Eye-candy right? Indeed it is. But if you want to be saved from the hassle, better leave it be. More Manicure Monday posts to come. Stay tuned! Comment your thoughts below. Would love to read them all! Love you guys and gals! ♥♥♥

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