Manicure Monday: Sun Kissed

I want to learn how to do nail art but since I only have limited tools and knowledge about it, I decided to stick with the basic design I can think of. Dots. 

I actually think it's the safest design to start practicing with nail arts. I'm no pro with designing the nails. I'm only into painting them. Also, since I only have few tools to begin with, doing those detailed nail art won't work for me so might as well just start with what I think I can pull off. As you can see, those were the designs above. 

I have the Tony Moly Enamel Remover for quick mistakes, my base which is Caronia's Sun Kissed included in Caronia's Shades of Summer collection, Chic blue polish and some tools I got from attending a nail art event last year. 

I cut my nails short this week so I just stick to three dots from the biggest down to the smallest dot. I know the design wasn't as fancy as the others out there but I believe this is the first step in creating and doing my own design in the future. 

What do you think with my first attempt? Share your thoughts (and tutorials_ here! 
Xoxo ♥

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