Visita Iglesia 2013

Hi everyone. Just a quick post on what I did earlier. Since it's Maundy Thursday and I don't want to post on some kikay stuff (well, not now), let me share here the churches Jaycee and I visited for Visita Iglesia.

In case you are not familiar with Visita Iglesia, it is a tradition for Roman Catholics especially us Filipinos to visit seven churches. During these visits, prayer and meditation are the norms. Each church depends on your liking. The visit may be on one church, seven or fourteen (like the stations of the cross). Most people prefer it to be 7 like we do. ^_^

The list of the churches are the following:

From top left downwards

1. Good Shepherd Paris Church (Bulaon, San Fernando)
2. Calulut Church
3. Del Rosario Church
4. Pilar Village Church (nearest Jaycee's house)
5. San Agustin Church
6. Dolores Church
7. San Fernando Downtown Church
8. Quotations

I don't know each name of the churches. I will do a research and update this post soon. We actually want to visit the church in Bacolor; the one which was damaged by the lahar but it's quite far for us already since we only used motorcycle and Jaycee was also too tired to drive far since he had work prior to the visit. Well, I'll just put it on my list next year. 

After the visit, we ate at Lugaw Republic since I'm on fasting. I don't want to eat at McDonalds even if I want to. :(

Kudos to the church staff for making the altars beautiful. I am really happy doing Visita Iglesia with Jaycee since this is our first together, given the fact that we are almost hitting our 5th year. 

Did you do Visita Iglesia? Share your post here. I want to see the churches near your area. 


  1. Honestly, I never did Visita Iglesia before. I hope to start doing it by next year.

    1. it's actually pretty cool sis, going to one church or another. but pretty tiring :/

  2. Nice photos, Tet! I don't observe this tradition, but I'm curious too try it. Maybe next year. :-)

    1. thanks sis. actually I was happy that the photos went nice. I didn't expect it to be like that given my camera is not of high quality.

  3. I don't do Visita Iglesia. It's not the practice of my family even when we were still Catholics. I did visit the 14 stations of the cross when I was a child. To me, what is important now is believing what Jesus Christ did for us 2000 years ago and thanking Him for the salvation from our sins.

  4. Cute photos, fitting in one frame. Everyone seems to be doing visit iglesia these days. That's good to know.

  5. I did go to a church here Tet. Expensive to commute here so we went to a nearby church and prayed the station of the cross.

    1. that will still do. It's a good thing then that we have a motorcycle. :) where are you located ba sis? :)

  6. nice photos, thank you for sharing:)


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