ROMWE Easter Day Sale

Romwe, the Latest Street Online Fashion is having their Easter Sale from March 27-29, 2013 which is almost 70% off! This is the best chance to get their spring stuff & save a lot. I am still debating with my other self if I need to purchase items or save. I'm torn between both. T_T

Up to 70% Off with galaxy gifts (Bowtie / collar / bag). Plus, I will give you more discounts! 10% off $50 + FREE Shipping,  15% off $80 + FREE Shipping and a 20% off $110 + FREE Shipping. 

Hurry now and enjoy Romwe's discount plus FREE shipping! 'Till my next post. xoxo^_^ 


  1. Oh these are all cute! Perfect undies for all occasions. :D

  2. Sale after sale this holiday. I just wish I have the money to buy things and stuffs online.

  3. i will check the website later.. i always forget to use my coupon code..


  4. Pag nagbabago tlg ng season maraming sale!


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