Book Review: BREAKFREE by Don Soriano

Being financially free is everyone's dream in life. I do too! Though I know for a fact that it will be difficult if you're not a money expert. Now, that idea changed because of the book Break Free I read from Don Soriano. 

Don Soriano is a multi-millionaire who has gone bankrupt but became financially free 3 years after. Now, he is operating 3 multi-million businesses and can finally say that he's financially-free.

Break Free has 8 Principles to Get from Employee to Employer in 3 Years or Less. What are those?Here:

  • Don’t quit your job just yet.
  • Start learning as much as you can.
  • Increase your active income.
  • Manage your money well.
  • Maximize leverage.
  • Put yourself in the right environment.
  • Create passive income.
  • Learn to master yourself.

I won't spill the beans and be a spoiler but every principle has loads of information that can guarantee you a financially-free life. It teaches you how to have the right mind and the right action from beginning to end. 

The author also shared a lot of personal experiences there that taught him the value of starting business with the right mindset. Here are some of the things that I liked on the book. 

Easy to read: You can finish this in an hour. Guaranteed! You can save time and effort in reviewing business books compared to this one. This has bite-sized information that are packed with knowledge. Though honestly, I didn't finished this in an hour because I need to attend to my baby's needs but I can guarantee that you can finish this in a short time. 

Easy to understand: You don't need an MBA degree to understand what he means in every chapter. I swear. Even a student, around high school to college ca understand what he means. No difficult business terms and the like. 

Lots of examples: As he himself had the experience on going bankrupt, he also has the word that will make you surely understand money situation the easy way. 

Achievable Steps: It might be difficult for some but if you will contemplate it, the steps he give is far way better than any business books. It's easy, it's fast, and easy to achieve the financial freedom every one's aiming for. 

I guarantee that you will like this book and you will come to a realization why you didn't know about it in the first place. Actually, my copy of the book was somewhere else borrowed by my friends. I'm sharing it to them to let them know how to be financially-free. I am also doing the favor to you too. 

Since the book, isn't available in bookstores yet, you can order his book online and fill out the form here. Follow his FB page as well. 


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