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I've been a fan of wearing shorts and skirts be it summer or be it the cold days. I am a short/skirt kind of girl so you will always see me wearing short pieces almost everyday. At home, at work, anywhere. Unless I have to attend formal occasion and events where I really need to be formal and wear formal clothing. It's easy and it's comfy unlike jeans. So I always make sure that I have some sort of collection of those in my wardrobe. 

Quarantine season happened so I did a little clean up and I had to let go of most of my old pieces. Now I am welcoming new ones and as I was searching online for some pieces, I chanced upon this website called Jurllyshe for short sets for women which I really like. I definitely love their pieces and aside from being comfy, one would also look sexy on them. They have a wide range of sets which you will fall in love with. I am actually eyeing some pieces that would also look good on me while I am doing some work-out. Especially now that I am planning to join a work-out challenge online, their sets would be my best bet. 

Aside from short sets, the site also caters on two piece skirt set that would look good on any body type. Those pieces are also on sale right now so if you are planning to grab one, today is the best chance to steal a great deal from them. They have very trendy and colorful ensemble that would make a great choice. I am eyeing those neon pieces which will definitely stand out among the crowd. Plus I love how you will look so good and sexy in them. Just like this woman on the photo below. Isn't the piece so beautiful?!

So hurry now and grab your new pieces and two piece outfits at Jurllyshe for such amazing deals. I'm loving their plaid crop jacket with skirt sets. It is absolutely stunning. So no need to go out and shop. Just do it online for safety. I'm telling you, you will get hooked on their amazing discount and promos. 

Grabbing the opportunity to purchase at their website should be done quickly because they have sitewide discounts up until 18% off for the remaining 4 days. So hurry and pick your best outfit now! 

Now I finally have a reason to change my wardrobe sets and pick from them. I was literally browsing their site for more pieces. I just hope they would fit me even if I'm a little big now. Don't worry they have even large sizes until XL so you're covered. 

Dressing up isn't a luxury but more of expressing yourself in ways that you don't even have to speak. Your outfit will speak for yourself so better invest in style and pieces you surely love and comfortable with. As I would always say, I don't dress up for anyone, but me. 

Happy shopping loves! 

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