Review: Candy Dollz Maggie Magic Cream Blush

I am a big fan of blushes because they always give me that color when people would tell me that I look pale. Yes, I always get that comment a lot because it's true. I lack of sleep, I always feel tired after a long day's work and taking care of two kids and all the hoolabaloos in the household. Plus the change  in this pandemic brought us a lot of worries which affects us overall. I feel that lipstick won't do it alone, I need to put a blush, especially now that lippies can't be seen under mask. 

So when I got this Candy Dollz Maggie Magic Cream Blush, I felt pretty amazed because this is the second cream blush in tube that I used and is super longwearing.

If you have been a reader of my blog, I posted about the Candy Dollz Magic Tour which happened early this year. They gave me this as a gift together with some soaps from Sam 4 Kinis which I will blog about soon. 

Candy Dollz Maggie Magic Cream Blush is a blush in a cream form. This can give your cheeks a dewy finish and can be applied using fingers or a brush. 

PACKAGING - This cream blush is inside a tube type packaging. It is also housed in a pink cutesy box prior with a Maggie icon in front. There's a description, direction and ingredients in the packaging. It is a 10 ml tube but it will last you for months. I love how the cream can be easily dispensed from the tub but you have to be careful squeezing it out because only a little will already do you good. 

KEY INGREDIENTS - It has Aloe Vera and Emu Oil. Aloe Vera is know for different benefits like treating dry skin and has anti-inflammation properties and Vitamins like A and C while Emu Oil helps in moisturizing and improving the skin condition. I guess these two were a perfect tandem in the creation of this cream.

SCENT - To be honest, I find it hard to describe the scent but if I'll do it in my own wording, it smells like an old woman's cream. It kinda feels nostalgic actually because the smell kind of like I am opening my mom's cream tub when I was young (if you know what I mean). It is a good kind of smell though. 

PRICE - I got this one for free as a gift but as far as I know, it revolves around P150-160. This is a good price because a little goes a long, long way for this because it is super pigmented and long-wearing.

TEXTURE - The cream is smooth and can easily glide on the skin, the reason why it gives you that dewy pinkish look. 

EFFECT - I love how this cream is smooth to apply. It is also easy to build up and in case you applied too much cream, you can blend it easily because the texture is soft. Just be careful for it colors fast so you have to blend it right away. Plus it is super long-wearing. I was out for almost half of the day and I still have color at night. So this saves you a lot. 

But what I specifically love about this apart from the longevity is how it looks so fresh and moisturizing. It gives you that fresh kind of look. I have dry to combo skin and it gives a dewy look which results to an appearance of glowing skin. 

Okay. That face isn't photogenic at any point but I just want to showcase how great Candy Dollz Maggie Magic Cream Blush looks on my skin, right? That's just on my cheeks. Haven't tried it on my lips since my lips is kinda sensitive with any new product. Will road test it first and will update this post with a photo on my lips and even a photo after hours of wearing. 

Any thought on this cream blush? Are you also a fan of blushes or a no-fan? Let me know your thoughts on the comment section below. 

Stay gorgeous! 


  1. Haven't heard of this product before! I like blushes that aren't sticky and have no fragrance (sensitive skin problems, haha), but it really depends on the ingredients! I'm a powder blush gal through and through, but occasionally (especially on a beach vacation), I apply clay blushes. :)

  2. I don't usually wear blush, but super helpful nga ito to avoid the just-woke-up look during virtual meetings ngayong pandemic! I like brush creams especially if they don;t feel too sticky. I will def try this one.

  3. I am childish and a fan of cute girly sutff, so this really made me happy. I love the packaging! It reminds me of my childhood. Lol!

  4. I love the packaging and how girly this product is! Ang ganda din ng application, hindi OA! You look more blooming with this one on. Stay gorgeous too! :)

  5. it looks cute. although I'm not a fan of blush and creams, I would love to try this.

  6. Putting some blush on is a nice touch, especially when we're on a video call all the time! I love a product that's easy to apply & wouldn't have to worry about if i put on a little too much :)

  7. Looks great! I actually like how it leaves a very light tint on your cheeks and also the packaging - so cute. Looking forward to seeing you wearing it on your lips.


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