Review: PIXI Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths

If you have been a reader of my blog, you know my love for wipes is like my love for my husband - limitless. Kidding! Of course, it isn't the same level as my love for my husband. Haha. But I just love wipes so much that it is a staple thing in our house, be it wipes for the face, for the body, for baby, for just about anything! We have all types and I believe that wipes does a good job in cleaning. 

These wipes I received a long time ago which was the PIXI Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloth is something new to me. I was really interested in using this when it arrived inside my Glamourbox curated box. It smells so great that I can't resist myself using it again and again on my face. Too sad though because it only has 40 cloths inside. If it isn't only expensive as it is, it would be great to stock on wipes like this but na-ah, mommy expenses game in the household was so strong I can't commit on using this daily. Teehee!

It comes in a pastel pink pull-off packaging which has 40 cloths inside. The letters were scribbled in gold making it sophisticated-looking. The wipes inside are also easy to pull and really soft to touch. It smells great as well!  

Since I availed the Glamourbox Perfectly Pixi edition, this is included inside of the curated box. It retails for P499 at the website. More expensive that its counterparts but the quality just speaks about itself.  

It is stated on the package that gently removes waterproof makeup. So I tried using all waterproof products on my face and tried removing them with these wipes. All I can say was it was really amazing! In removing makeup, no need to rub it off hard because one single 'gentle' swipe is all you need. I was amazed that I used my hand lightly in removing it and it simply come off. I think that's the quality of expensive wipes. Haha

Aside from removing stubborn make up products, it also moisturizes it. Good job instead of making the skin dry after using it. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Effective in removing waterproof makeup and cleansing the face.
  • Very easy to use. One GENTLE swipe is all you need! No need to rub it off fard. 
  • The packaging looks sophisticated so perfect to bring on formal occasions. 
  • Paraben-free and not tested on animal which doubles the greatness of this product/. 
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  •  Expensive. Would rather spend it on its counterparts and won't feel the guilt. Sorry, thifty mom here. 
Price: P499
Bought from: Glamourbox
Size: 40 pulls

In all honesty, I like the wipes and its quality, but not really buying it because of the prize. Apart from being expensive, this has many counterparts now in the market that I tried from different brands and works just the same. It would be awesome if they would think to put these on sale and give the price in half so people would discover this and would try to use it. 

How about you? have you tried it? Any thought on these? 

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