How Does Say It With A Sock's Affiliate Program Work?

Everyone should have warm socks on his or her feet, and even better if they are fun, colorful socks in bold patterns and graphics. That is the belief of Say It With A Sock, which offers monthly club sock programs for sock aficionados and other sock fans. The company’s affiliate program seeks to partner with groups, bloggers, social media mavens and others who share this goal. 
How It Works

The basics of the affiliate program are simple and straightforward. The essentials include five simple features:

1.     It’s free to join
2.     Members will be compensated
3.     Members earn $5 a referral
4.     Signup is easy on the affiliate page
5.     Approval is required

Once you are approved you will be contacted and given more details about the program. You will be part of the mission to make sure all people have nice socks to keep feet warm and cozy. The radical idea is that everyone in the word deserves a good pair of socks.

A Social Conscious

Because socks are the most requested item from the homeless community, the affiliate program is important in meeting this need. It just one of several programs that Say It With A Sock is involved with to help those who have unmet clothing issues. Participants in the monthly club sock program are encouraged to donate their unwanted or unused socks to a homeless shelter.

The company also partners with Lava Mae, a nonprofit practitioner of radical hospitality that delivers mobile showers and other essentials to the homeless. New socks and clean showers make for a better world.

A Sock Movement

The monthly sock box program is a great way to get good-looking, stylish socks on the feet of the billions of    people on the planet. Sign up on the Say It With A Sock Home Page to send or receive a unique pair of socks at an affordable price.

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