Pamper this Summer with Skin Reveae

Summer is one of the most favorite season here in the country as it is the time for vacation of most students and the perfect weather for beach trippin'. However, summer is also the time that we stress our skin a lot because of its exposure to sun's rays, making it dull and dry. 

Good thing, pampering our skin is just one visit away to our favorite skincare clinic. Just like what we did when we visited Skin Reveae at Vista Mall, Pampanga. 

My skin surely needs a lot of pampering so to deeply cleanse it, I paid them a visit. Skin Reveae gave me a deep cleansing facial with a diamond peel and PDT mask. Their facial was very thorough compared to other facials I tried on other salon. I feel that my skin was deeply cleansed and dead skin cells were removed. Their diamond peel makes my skin glows and smooth. 

PDT mask session for me is always love. I am addicted to mask for the fact that I like the feeling that some pampering product or equipment is on top of my skin. That;s why this is my fave part in any cleansing treatment ritual. I chose the anti-aging for this session because I noticed fine lines already near my mouth. 

The whole experience was great. I felt that they are really taking care of my skin, not because of the fee but because they are really concern on  the areas that I want to improve on my skin. They have different services in the clinic so you should pay them a visit. 

Their location is on the 3rd floor of Vista Mall, Pampanga.  

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