My Nailaholics Pampering Sesh

Pampering is one of my favorite things to do if I have spare time for myself or if I just wanted to make use of my free time. That was me before I became a mom. Now, pampering is the last on my list when it comes to spending for myself because often times, I put my baby and husband's' needs first before me. My spare time from work is also dedicated to my baby. Even now that it's vacation time at work (since I'm a teacher), this time also belongs to my baby and my baby alone. We don't have any helper and my MIL is on a vacation so I am all alone with my little one. That's why right now, no vacation goals for me yet  but that's okay. I wouldn't want it the other way!

Last weekend though, I was able to leave my baby to my elder sister who's always able to pacify him whenever I'm not around. She loves him so much that I am really comfortable of leaving baby to her. I can actually attend to my blog events during the weekend because she always permits me and she loves spending time with my baby. That's why I was so thankful to my sister because she makes everything easier for me. That's why I took advantage of the time to pamper myself.

I have a Nailaholics GC that was about to expire on the 30th and I had my service on the 29th. You see now how busy I am. I had the GC almost a year.

Anyway, i called Nailaholics to booked a schedule but to no avail. Perhaps their number was different now or maybe it was down. Despite that, I rushed over to see if I can book their through walk-in. They happily serviced me and offered me their Lush Lagoon service which is almost close to the amount of the GC. It includes a foot spa, foot massage, manicure ad pedicure.

I honestly love the experience because I was able to sleep for a good couple of minutes during the massage. I was a little disappointed however on the nail polish because the morning of the next day, it was already chipping. The stuff used Color Club on me. Even so, the whole service was incredible.

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