Little Trinkets from KKCenterHK

Hello everyone! How was your week? Friday's a blast for me! It's actually my first time to meet Jaycee's certain group of friends from high school. It was also great that most of his friends were present. We were actually invited (or should I say it's him) by his classmate Maricris on their Fiesta at Panipuan in San Fernando. We were there around 3pm and lasted 'till 10pm. His friends were really a bunch of cool and amazing people. Thanks Maricris for the invite and for the warm welcome! :)

Anyway, I also received this package when I arrived home yesterday. It's the gift sent by KKCenterHK for review. I was actually, well, kinda disappointed because of the content of the package. I paid P50 for the postal fee (before it's P40) and upon looking at the content, I thought it may be the first package I received that's not worth the P50. Hmmm. See for yourself. 

It's good that they sealed it with bubble wrap. I personally liked items that are tightly packed. I had an experience before that the accessories were damaged because they were only put in a plastic. It was really broken. Good thing I know how to mend it the carpenter's way. hehe. :)

Seeing it, what can you say? Well, I'm still thankful for these pieces though but I think my P50 will go a long way when I purchase these same items at Divi. Stil, thank you KKCenterHK for these cute little trinkets. Watch out for my nail post on these soon! :)

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  1. Wow, that really doesn't worth P50. But that ribbon is just too cute!


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