How To Deal With Poor Workmanship

When the pandemic started, most of my time was devoted to fixing and upgrading our home because we experienced quarantine for a long period of time. Since we spent most of the time at home, almost all of the things that need repair at home were done. It was a great opportunity to fix broken spots or areas at the house.

I was also able to do an online side hustle during quarantine and since I have extra money, we upgraded our kitchen and living room. However, the experience wasn't all good because the carpenter who worked for us last year isn't really good with his craft. Fast forward to a year, and now we're seeing cracks and holes in our kitchen cabinets and tiles weren't fit perfectly. 

I know it's too late to cry over spilled milk so I pulled myself up and we tried to fixed all the troubles that happened. Good thing I was able to discover sealant and adhesives as my husband uses those kind of things to help in covering gaps and holes on our kitchen cabinets. It's easy to use that even I with no experience in repair can actually use it. It helped a lot in fixing those kinds of situation. 

Good thing I was able to try fixing what was salvage. I just used sealants and adhesives and it's easier to fix it. You can get Mapei adhesives and sealants from a local store for home projects. Something good to know since I also don't know much in home renovation. 

Our experience is a learning that we need to first verify for legit service and good feedback from the workers. To be honest, we just saw our carpenters on Facebook then we saw that their work look good so we tried contacted them already. No word of mouth whatsoever. Those workers even borrowed money from me and ran away with it. When things like that happened, you can ask them to fix the problem or get a refund. In our case, since those workers disappeared like bubbles, we just left negative feedback so that people won't recruit them. I never stopped messaging them and calling them but to no avail. 

So if you are planning your future home renovation, make sure to always do a  background check to your workers and if possible, check from feedback if people are giving good words about them. I believe that those who had the first hand experience working with the carpenters can provide the real good word of the service that was rendered to them. 

Still, let's celebrate a fresh new start. Happy 2022 everyone! 



  1. Wow so inspiring naman op nito🤩
    Thank you for sharing this tips on how to deal with workmanship.
    Dami ko po natutunan as a mom. Kailangan talaga natin maging mas productive and face the new year with new things around us. Happy 2022 and more blessings to you and to your family 😍.

  2. Thank you for the tips po very helpful yan lalo na sa gusto mag pa renovatr ng bahay kailngan talaga mad maging maingat tayo sa pag kuha ng carpenters yung trusted na talaga. Buti na pang po na fix ulit yung problema

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