Staircase Design That Bring Out The Beauty In Every Home

When I was young, I always adore homes with staircases. I guess I was so hooked with Disney cartoons when I was younger that it made me think that I can see princesses and queens inside a big home. You see, we didn't have stairs in our old house when I was young so I had that thought and it developed inside me until I was in elementary. 

From then on, I don't think of royalties in huge houses but I always appreciate staircases. It gives out a sophisticated feeling whenever I see one, especially if they are made beautifully. 

But now that I've become a mom, my main goal as a mom is to have a safe home for my family and I can achieve it if I make my house child-friendly since I have a  2 and a 5. The perfect stage where they just want to discover and explore the world (and the house for that matter). 

Maintaining and updating the stairs and railing at home is essential especially if you have youngster like I do. But it won't hurt to check on these pretty staircases for inspiration since I also want to achieve my dream home design. 

Designing your home's staircase may take a lot of effort but discovering designs that can work on your house interior will greatly help. What I do nowadays is to check Pinterest and other sites for inspiration and I take it from there. 

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