Enhance Your Style With The Right Front Door

Are you like me who enjoy seeing houses just by looking at the front door. Front doors says a lot in an individual's personality.  Each door type depends on what materials are used. 

Before the year ends, I and my husband has been talking about what things to accomplish next year for our home. Every year, we make sure to set goals on what to improve or upgrade in our home and for next year, we decided to change beds and doors. 

We have a very small space and we are thinking of changing our room doors with sliding door to save space while the front door must be changed to something sturdy with a little design. I was thinking of changing it to mahogany wood. 

Installing a new front door will greatly improve the curb appeal of a house and this is also a game changer especially if you want to incorporate your aesthetic and style in your own home. 

So as I browse on what particular door we can use, I made a bit of research on the different door types to choose from.

1. Wood Doors

This is the most common material used in every home because it's easily and widely available, not to mention that it's more affordable than its counterparts such as glass, metals, fiberglass, etc. You can find a variety of wood doors in the market, but you also need to consider budget and durability because it differs. 

2. Glass Doors

I personally haven't seen a full glass front door for typical houses except for establishments like hotels and companies. Since it is more pricier than the first type, it gives a more luxurious feel. It is also difficult to maintain so it isn't the first option for most homes. 

However, there are still some glass doors that are set with wooden frame which I think is great for front doors. It requires more maintenance to keep it clear and shining. 

3. Fiberglass Doors

What is a fiberglass? It is a common type of fiber-reinforced plastic using glass fiber. Doors made from fiberglass are a reasonable option since they are very durable. They don't rot or shrink unlike wood. Though they might be less secure since it is easier to manipulate. 

With a lot of different kinds of door in the market, one's option isn't limited to just these three. However, these are the most common ones I often see in every home and I am eyeing to change our door within these types. 

So if you want to decorate your home, start at the front. Remember that God will open the opportunity and doors for you that no man can shut. 

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