Romwe Haul + Other Stuff

This week, I got a lot of parcels from Romwe. However, I wasn't so happy with all my recent purchases. I have this feeling that Romwe's blouses are too big for me. They are small in size though but once I unpacked them an tried them on, they we're really big for me. I bought around 5-6 blouses/tops from them and everything's the same; big in size. So I always ends up selling them half the price. Pity! :'(

I got a lace blouse and a jumpsuit which are both larger than what I'm expecting as small sized. The pants are a bit bigger as well but I can save that for myself. I also got a Foot Callus Planing Knife which I can keep as well. I also bought 2 handkerchiefs at Pierre Cardin at the mall and just included them at this shot. 

Remember that I blogged about my disappointment when I used to buy Romwe bags before and why will I not order bags from Romwe again? You can view it here. I ended up selling the items I bought than using them. It is not practical at all!

So, from this day onward, I am focusing on stuffs like leggings, shorts, sunglasses, and the like whenever I buy stuffs from them. I will refrain from getting blouses and bags from now on.

Anyway if you still want to get the opportunity to grab the brand new stuff from the store, I am selling some of the items here. You might just want the size for yourself. :)


  1. Hi there! How do you buy from Romwe? What's your preferred payment method?

  2. Awww! That is such a bummer. They are so cute pa naman! Haaay!

    1. Yes sis. I am thinking of selling most of them.


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