Food Getaway: Karate Kid

I think this will be my very first food getaway post here in my blog. I have an abandoned food blog and I can't maintain the latter so I am posting whatever gastronomic adventure I have here starting from now on. I am in love with food and I eat a lot, and when I say 'a lot' I mean A LOT! I am not really concern if I gain weight because of excessive eating. I would actually love it if I 'll gain a few more pounds.^o^

Yesterday, me and my friend Gel went to SM Clark for a breathe of fresh air. We were always bumming around SM Pampanga so we went on the former for a change. We had a great time talking and chatting with so many things. Of course, we will never forget to eat.

I ordered Garlic Shrimp Creamy Pasta for only P99.00 inclusive of a Kiddo Punch Tea.

Garlic Shrimp Creamy Pasta
Kiddo Punch Tea
Gel had Pork Tonkatsu for P119.00 and a 16oz Kiddo Punch Tea for P39.00. She also got Takoyaki (8pcs) for P79.00 since it's her favorite.

Pork Tonkatsu
I was happy with the pasta since it's new to my taste plus it has shrimps. I am in love with seafood actually! It is not often that I eat at Karate Kid. I think my last Karate Kid visit was 3 years ago. 

Before we dined here, we agreed to get some blizzard from DQ after dinner because DQ is now open at SM Clark! (insert wide *grin* here) I only got the chance to grab some blizzard whenever I go to Gateway, attending concert in Manila, etc. So I was so excited to get one after dinner but unfortunately, something terrible happened so we need to skip the sweets. T__T Next time though. :)

All photos are taken from my trusty Samsung Galaxy Young phone. I forgot to bring a camera. The photos are still decent anyway, right? Still, it is good enough! ♥

Any faves from the same chain? Share your thoughts here. ^_^


  1. i haven't seen a karate kid yet here in cebu. like you, i'm fond of shrimps too.

  2. I'm trying to recall but I don't think I've had the chance to eat at Karate Kid yet. Interesting pasta though, and with iced tea included for 99 pesos, not a bad deal. :)

    1. Compared to my friend's meal, I saved a lot! :)

  3. the pasta looks yummy.. this is my first time to hear about Karate Kid restaurant, i only know about the movie..:-)

  4. Yummy! I love Japanese food, authentic or not. You should try Yabu. The best katsu I ever tastes <3

  5. food here is tasty and affordable, no? i like all that you ordered :) they're my favorite too!

    1. yep, i agree. I wish they will have one open near our place. :)


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