Free Sweet Treats!

TGIF everyone! I got a lot of blessings today!!! It's the first day of ticket selling for Super Junior's concert for October and my sister and I already got our tickets! #SS5Manila here we come!!! *excited* 

I also got a lot of time this afternoon because I don't have classes and used the time to finish all my lesson plans in advance and cleaned up my desk. Less clutter, less stress! :) Lastly, I got all these sweets for free! Here's how.

I used my SM advantage card with 268 points to purchase these sweets I got from the store. I've been using my SM card for years now and it's my first time to purchase treats from my loyalty account. If you don't have your SM advantage card yet, you can avail one by buying at any SM Dept. Store counters or at any Supermarket or Hypermarket for P150. For more details, you can check their site here.

My points may not be as high as other loyal customers have but still, this serves as a great tool to quick buys and unexpected perks. Plus, I don't have to use my current cash and I can just use the points I got from buying at the store. It's a total pop!

Now, this experience makes me want to patronize the store more so I can save more! What do you think so? :)

Share your thoughts here. xoxo ♥

 Price: P155.00 
Kitkat Dark P44.75
Koala's March: P36.75
Nerds: P39.75
Meiji: P33.75
Bought from: SM Department Store
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post


  1. A little tip on how to increase your points :) if you have bdo debit card, use it for your purchases with the advantage cards ;)

  2. i also use my sm advantage to get freebie,but i do use it on the month of december :)

  3. wow. i have sm advantage card.a lots of freebies


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