MUSE by Jinkee Pacquiao

I don't know what made me purchase this Body Spray from Bench earlier. I was actually looking for some graphic tees for bf's comeback from police training to give him a gift only to find out that I got myself a body spray instead of what I'm supposed to buy. I think I am suffering from some sort of a shopping syndrome! HELP! T_T

I am expecting perfume some weeks from now from my aunt and since it will be long enough before I received them, I gave up on the urge of purchasing this. I's still not a bad deal though. Plus it's affordable. :)

This is the MUSE Body Spray by Jinkee Pacquiao. I noticed that most body spray at Bench were named after celebrities like Georgina Wilson, Kris Aquino, among others. I am not after the name, I am after the smell and this one smells great for me. I think it smells like my previous Burberry perfume with a soft touch. I am not really good describing perfume smells, I think I need to study more on it.

In the end, I think it was a good choice to purchase this. I actually hope that they got a bigger bottle. I also wanted to try other body spray from Bench since they got a line of different nice smelling perfumes there. You might want to check the nearest Bench store in your area for you to find out that I am telling the truth. Haha. ^_^

Cheers everyone. 'Till my next post.

Price: P138
Bought from: Bench
Size: 80ml


  1. What is the scent like? I think it's cool to be a celebrity. You get to see your face & name in billboards. :D

  2. I used to go for Bench Body sprays because they smell so strongly (something I appreciate) but sadly, I think I'm allergic to them. I keep sneezing, lol!

  3. Is it floral or fruity? Those are okay with me. What I don't like is the musk scents. It sets my nose off hehehehe.

  4. I haven't seen the spray before.. did you like it?

  5. Wow, even jinkee has already line of products in bench.

  6. not bad for the price.. this is the first time to know that jinkee has her own scent na pala. hehe

  7. uso na ngayon ang celebrity scents.:) hmmm, might as well visit a bench store to check out this scent.

  8. This is one of my perfumes now, it's floral and fruity

  9. Anong burberry perfume are you referring to po? Out of stock pa rin ang Bench Muse kaya I’m looking for a similar scent/notes

    1. Been looking for these scent long time


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