Food Getaway: Ice Breakers (Sours)

My sister brought some candies the other day and it really caught my attention because of its cute packaging. ^_^

It also comes with a half-sized strawberry notepad. What's cute is the 'to share' and 'not to share' part.If you're going to eat it on your own, then open the not to share part which will give you a wider opening to get more candies.

... but if you wish to give something for your friends, you can open the to share part and it will provide a little opening so that you're friends cannot grab everything even if they want to. Nice idea! Haha.

Cute 'ayt?! I find it really amusing and I can also recycle the container once the contents are eaten. I can put different candies then.

This candy is from Hongkong which is obvious from what was written. I don't know if this is available in the country though.

Price: FREE
Bought from: Hongkong
Size: 42g.


  1. Love this! <3 I adore sour candies. My favorite is sour tapes. You should try it :)

  2. cute packaging indeed! i love sour candies too.:)

  3. that packaging will surely entice kids to buy. very clever!

  4. ang cute ng idea sa packaging :) the fact na pwede mo irecycle is a plus.


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