Haul: Sample Room #5

I chanced upon Sample Room's sample products the other day and it's so happened that most of the items I am waiting to be available are once again restocked. Patience is really a virtue! 

If possible, I make it a point to purchase three items at the same time to save shipping and if the points will be enough for checking it out. Unlike my last two Sample Room haul here and here, I paid for the shipping for single items because of higher points. On this latest haul, I got to take all three items! Lucky! :)

I was just a little surprised on the size of the soap. I never thought a 50g will be this small. Even smaller than my fingers. Hmmm..

 Price: FREE (Paid P130 for shipping fee)
Bought from: SampleRoom.ph
CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix - 45 pts. (2boxes)
P144/box - 6 sachets

Zenutrients Oil - 40 pts. (10ml)
Zenutrients Baby Love Calendula and Milk Soap - 30 pts (50g ONLY)
P178 for 150g

As of this writing, there were still few samples left on each of the items. Grab yours fast by clicking here. I hope you get yours in no time! :)

What can you say on my haul? Got the same stuff on sample room before? Share your experience here! 'Till my next post! xoxo ♥


  1. They look like terrific products! It always amazes me when a product arrives tinier than the photo. :-)

  2. I have never tried Carbtrim. Is it effective? I'm super lazy when it comes to working out :(

  3. I have zenutrients AIW and it's like carrying a spa in a bottle! It's great for random headaches and pains, or even just aromatherapy :P


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