Empties #10

Looking back on all the empties post I had the past year reminded me that I had a lot of stuff which I used for myself. It's nice and funny at the same time that women really tend to have so much products for themselves alone. I bet I only have a few compare to others. It's just nice to be a woman! ♥

It's so timely that the big products in the photo were all used up together. Same with the deluxe samples and the sachets. I ran out of eye cream from Celeteque and I am looking for a different eye cream this time. Can you recommend anything? Oh and that red EOS lipbalm, so sad that it's already expired when it's still got half on it. Well, I have a lot of products that I tend to forget using that it also ends up like the eos. That's why as much as I can, I only use one particular product for the area until I used up everything. But of course, it's difficult since I got to review stuffs which were sent to me and also the ones I bought.

Oh well. That's it for my recent empties and will be updating you when it's time again. So bye for now. Will be watching MMFF later with boyfriend before I go back to work on Monday.

Xoxo ♥

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