December Collective Haul

Year 2014 has been a great roller coaster ride and I want to extend my sincere thanks to all who supported me and my blog's venture. Of course, special thanks to all my sponsors who sent products and review items which provides me more plot and reasons to blog. Though 90% of all the items here came from my own money, I am still extending my thanks to my friends colleagues among others who also supported me on my humble web abode. Many many thanks! ♥

Here are the round-up of my December 2014 haul.

Certified Positive Planner
Received this item from the Certified Positive and gave my review here. This planner will totally transform your year. Get yours now by visiting their site. 
Beauty Oils (Rosehip Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Argan Oil)
Loving these oils from Nurture and Groom. Currently using Argan for my hair and Rosehip on the face. Will blog about the effect soon. 

HaiPower Powerbank
Instead of being lucky, I feel blessed with winnings like this. I won this in a blog giveaway from Ednything and been using this wherever I go. Very convenient!

Armando Caruso Handkerchiefs
Saw this very cute and dainty hanky at SM and immediately grabbed one. Pretty, pretty! ♥
Lhasa Pullover
It's actually my sister who saw this and encouraged forced me to buy it! It was totally worth it and I don't have regrets. Just in time for the winter season.
White Tank Tops
Bought this from Greenhills together with Jaycee's Xbox (Christmas gift) ^_^. The fabric was very soft and nice. Looking forward to capture OOTDs this year.
Washi Tapes
I don't normally buy washi tapes but when I started getting the cute little ones from Greenhills, it made me hooked immediately and grabbed some more. Slowly adapting to artsy and crafty stuff this year. Cute little washi came from Greenhills while the big ones are from Clipper at Marquee Mall, Pampanga. 
Rose Quarts Bracelet from Monograms Manila
Monograms Manila sent me this gift in time for Christmas. Love the details. ♥
Revlon Gift Items
I actually won one of BDJ's contest recently and they gave this Revlon items as a prize. *happydance*
2015 Planner
A gift from my sister this Christmas. Apart from the Certified Positive planner, I have this. I will use this for work related matters. 

CHI Foot PatchesI tried this foot detox before in Eucalyptus here and was amazed by it's effect. I grabbed a different kind at Watsons the other day. Since it's the holidays and I'm adding a lot of pounds, I badly need to detox so I got this apart from exercising and back to eating healthy.
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Etude House Haul
Have you heard of the Etude House 20% discount, as well as Tony Moly's 30% off? Well, since we only have EH branch here in Pampanga at Marquee Mall, I grabbed the opportunity to haul. I actually want to haul more but restrained myself. Hihi

Nuevaluma Arts and Crafts
Gifts from Nuevaluma arrived before 2014 ended. I am so really digging artsy stuff this time.

Lacoste Bag
A gift from my sister. I am really short in bags and knowing that I teach, I regularly bring a huge bag. This is perfect for 2015! ^o^
And the HIGHLIGHT of my haul is this.....
Samsung Galaxy S4
Guess who would gave this item to me? I've been eyeing new phones lately as a reward for myself and he knew it so before I bought myself an Oppo Find 7A or an S4, he surprised me with this! I would get a new laptop instead from the money I saved. Weeee! ♥ ♥ ♥
Getting all these items and a lot more which weren't included on the post like food, food basket, groceries among others really were indeed a HUGE blessing to me. Not to mention all the items on my collective haul post every month. To everyone behind this, thank you sooo sooooo much!!! Also to the BIG ONE up there, a big hug and a kiss! I am surely blessed by YOU! Thank you! ♥

Happy New Year everyone!!! ♥♥♥


  1. Oh gosh, that rose quartz bracelet just looks so beautiful!

  2. You got a lot of gifts this December. The Samsung Galaxy S$ and Lacoste bags looks awesome.

  3. Lucky you for getting such many things last month! I wanted to buy a new phone too but I'm still saving for it.

    1. I guess it's because it's the month of giving gifts that's why I quite got a lot! I'm sure you'll get you're new phone soon.

  4. Samsung Galaxy.... ^_^ That's a lot! :)

  5. Oh..I want Samsung S6 for me. Lots of gifts for you and you're so blessed.

  6. Replies
    1. I actually hate this one. After using for several weeks now, it's not really working properly. :(

  7. wow!! lukcy you!! so many gifts!! i didnt receive so gifts instead i was the one who throw some gifts to my relatives! LOL

    1. I actually received few gifts as well. I was just so blessed with my sponsors for sending me some stuff. Thanks!


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