Be Blessed! Be Certified Positive! ♥

Hello lovely people! Finally, it's our vacation and I can go on mind and body break at last! I believe it's a blessing that we teacher's have. We can enjoy a little rest from the stressful papers and hard-headed students. Hihi. :) 

I was too occupied these past few days with so many things in my hands plus the fact that I am sick for almost a week now. Add the stress that the internet connection's giving me, making it hard for me to create blog post. With so many things ongoing, I am glad that blessings comes in different forms. We get to spend our school's Christmas party with a little budget for my advisory class, was able to attend the last school days despite being sick, having a caring boyfriend and family who tends to my needs while I was at my very sick moments and getting some stuff this week.For all of that, I am trully blessed!

I got this planner from Certified Positive and boy, how I really love it! I was all giddy upon opening the gift. And the moment I got it, I didn't let it off my hand for almost half a day reading it word by word. It was so full of inspiration and God's wonderful words.

The planner comes with a bookmark and I noticed that the pages were filled with different verses. I believe this is really an empowering planner. 

The planner has a lot of #CertifiedPositive stories to tell. I believe that this planner is indeed a blessing for me because I NEED this planner for my spiritual revival. Really God provides us things we truly need.

This is how you can maximize the use of your planner. I like their concept of Pos-TWEET-ive Acts. I will surely participate on this once I started using my planner next year. :) 

They also have partnered with NGO's to spread the wonderful word of God. 

For me, this is my fave part, the Daily Verse Tracker. Now, I won't be lost in reading the verses or I would know what items I skipped and those kind. Plus, I would be able to check what verse will become my next favorite.

Bills Payment Tracker and the Daily Expense Tracker are my second favorites. Me and Jaycee were planning to start saving for our future and this part of the planner would really help us track down our expenses. 

The Spiritual Goals may be a bit of a challenge for me but this will be great if I can accomplish everything. I would definitely try everything here, especially the discipleship group. I don't have that kind of group and I think it's time to invest time in establishing myself to be part of a disciple group.

Quiet Time is a place for written conversations with God. I like this part as I can look back before the year ends and reflect on my answered prayer. 

The Personal Goals can be a guide to check if I accomplished my goals or not. 

Here were testimonies of different people from different walks of like as to how they were transformed by God's loving power. I actually read everything and really got inspired with so many things. 

This story from the Plump Pinay came as a shock for me. I've been reading their blogs for quite a while now and I didn't know about their life, not until this book. God really moves in mysterious ways. 

Here's how the monthly calendar looks like. 

I like that there are verses and reminders to hashtag. I'll definitely be one of the hashtag(ers) soon. ^.^

This is how the days by day space looks like. It has daily quotes from different writers and you can tweet and join in the Pos-TWEET-ive Act. It spread positivity to everyone who can read it on twitter. 

There will be Reflections every month. Answer the questions here and say a little prayer after each month. 

The Monthly Budget, Monthly Goals and Daily Expense Tracker are there every month so you can always look back if you achieved your monthly budget and goals.

They also included stickers and note cards at the back part of the planner. 

Overall, this planner takes on a different view everyday. You can make change in yourself and to others with this planner. With the help of this planner,  I am ready to journey with Jesus everyday. Are you ready too?

If you want to grab this planner, go ahead to their website HERE and order yours now.

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Be Blessed! Be #CertifiedPositive!

Happy Holidays!!!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. I have received the product for free. However, my opinions are all mine based on what I have experienced using the product for review.


  1. OMG! That's one lovely planner! thanks for sharing the photos! I like everything about it!

    1. Full of wisdom and nice words sis. Go grab one!

  2. I love this planner - I honestly love the kind that is all about positivity and inspirations!

    1. True! I feel that I was changed by this planner. For the better. :)

  3. Eeeek! Same as my friend's. I've given up with the thought of being able to use a planner for a year. I can fill it out every once in a while (once a month if I'm lucky). Lol

    1. I am sometimes like that. The trick is always put it on a table close to you or inside a bag you always bring.

  4. The planner has it all from inspirational items, to budgets, to do lists and even your own personal journal. This would definitely bring the positivity.

    1. Truly, it has. I feel I am different than before. Or a more positive way.

  5. lovely will surely remind the user to think and reflect on God's word because of the bible verses printed in it!

    1. Yes. It's great if you will use it together with a Bible or an extra notepad for devotion or reflection.

  6. What a nice planner! It will help you to be positive all year round!


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