Empties #9

Been stocking my empties again for a couple of weeks now and this is what I got. If you'd notice, I actually started using most of my samples now so what you'll see below are basically what I have been keeping for the past few months. 

I will be giving you a review of the Maldita Bleach that's in the photo above soon. You might think that I used up the whole tub in such a short period of time. Yes indeed. A tub for me is only good for 2 days of application on my target areas. More of the review soon. 

Also, I finally used up all of that huge pink bottle of Tony Moly Facial Cleanser. I've been using that for several months now and I want a change. I think I should stock on different facial wash for variety. Hihihi. . 

Any same products that you are using? Hit me a comment below to share some thoughts. Keep safe from the typhoon Ruby everyone.

Xoxo ♥

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