Food Getaway: Meats and Match

After watching Sinukwan Festival yesterday, Jaycee invited me to stroll around until we reach Angeles without a concrete plan on what to do. Such a pity I didn't get to document the whole Sinukwan event because of several reasons. The venue was so packed and I was so short I didn't saw what was really happening, I was so busy talking to our students who will perform and the teachers who are there to grace the event. I am also multitasking my time with boyfriend and the event. I should know what needs to come first and what comes after that. In the end, I spent my remaining time with le bf. 

We reached at Clark Main Gate just to dine out. We're basically strolling and just feeling the cold air until we realized we reached Angeles already. We both arrived hungry and decided to eat at Meats and Match. 

I was trying to recall why the name was quite familiar then I remember that it's because I always see posters of Meats and Match around San Fernando lately. A branch will open at San Fernando soon. We still dine anyway as it will be the basis if we will be coming back at the new branch or not. 

Cheesy Beef Fries - P 125.00
Jaycee ordered fries as we both love eating different kind of fries even with the guilt. It was so cheesy but not the cheese that I like. Perhaps if they used a different cheese, I would love the taste. This was just so-so for me.
Smoky BBQ Beef Ribs - P250.00
The steak that Jaycee ordered. I tasted it and this was nice and soft. It's really saucy. I find the sauce too sweet though.
T-Bone with Rice with MM Special Gravy - P160.00
I really like what I ordered. They have this special Meats and Match sauce that goes well with the meat.There are some soft and the hard-to-chew part, but overall, I really like it.

Look how they DIY-ed these utensils into a tissue holder. Very unique idea. I think I'll try this at home! 

We will definitely pay a visit and dine when Meats and Match at San Fernando opens. I just hope it opens fast so that we will have a go-to meat house that carries delicious and affordable food. We dined at a steak house before but I was just disappointed with their meal at Meat Plus. Racks was way better when it comes to steak. A little expensive though. 

Who among you here have dined in at Meats and Match? Any meal suggestion? :)

Until our next food trippin'. ♥

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