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If you are like most women, there has probably been a time when you were getting ready to go out and as you are carefully examining your closet full of clothes, you still think to yourself, “I have nothing to wear”. Thankfully, we are living the 21st century, and with the internet at our fingertips we have unlimited resources for finding new ideas for fashion. The best part is that you do not need to go out and purchase new clothing every time you cannot figure out what to wear.  I mean, even though that does not sound like a bad idea, the majority of us do not have the time or money for that. Many fashion bloggers will encourage you to look at your clothes in a new way that is more exciting! Fashion is about getting inspired, being fearless, and trying new things. What you wear says a lot about you and your personality. It is a way to express yourself on a daily basis, so why not have fun with it, right?

Here are a few of the best fashion blogs that every fashionista needs to follow!
  1. Cara Loren (
Cara Loren is one of my favorite fashion and lifestyle blogs to follow. She truly loves everything and it shows through on her blog. Not only does she try to inspire her followers with pictures and posts about her outfits daily, she also loves to get feedback in hopes of getting inspired by other women. Another great thing about her blog is that she includes tutorials and under every picture she adds where each article of clothing and jewelry came from and what brand it is. She often includes giveaways of her favorite products and clothes on her blog as well as coupon codes for different products to save you money! Who love a great deal? Cara Loren is a mother of two young and they are in a lot of the pictures she posts throughout her blog, which makes her and relatable. She shows woman that they can still be trendy and beautiful when they are mothers. You would benefit from following her blog!
  1. Emily Maynard (
If you are a fan of the shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette you probably know who Emily Maynard is! She is sweet, southern belle with a great sense of ! Her blog is a growing favorite fashion and beauty blog. The posts she writes are honest and extremely relatable. She loves to write about new trends and fashion tips that every woman should know. Following her blog is an absolute must!
  1. The caffeinated closet (
The caffeinated closet is a cute fashion blog that I spotted a couple months ago. It had me at caffeine! The author of the blog is and she lives in as the fashion district.In that city, she has seen it all. This blog is great because while she appreciates great fashion designers and gets style inspiration from designer clothing, she, like most of us, lives on a budget. Melina uses stores you can find in every American hometown even recommending clothes from thrift stores to put together a trendy, fashion forward wardrobe. The caffeinated closet is the perfect blog to give you the inspiration you need to take an old outfit in your closet and give it a new look. This adorable blog deserves a following!
Fashion Fix
Keeping up with fashion is a challenge for everyone and it is easy to make a misstep.  The Hollywood Red Carpet is full of fashion from every designer imaginable, and only one thing is certain: good advice is worth more than gold.  The stars wear their outfits completely trusting their looks to the opinions of others.  The above blogs are a good place for tips and tricks to take what you have and what you can afford and turn it into a wardrobe that is always fresh and always exciting.  While you may not walk on the red carpet in Hollywood, you will walk in your community every day.  Why not feel great doing it?

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The writer, Anna Donato, is an avid follower and member of the fashion industry who is always looking towards the internet to find the latest trends. One promising accessories site she has found is Morana Online, and recommends it to all of her friends!

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