November Collective Haul

My haul for last month was so delayed because of my very hectic schedule and commitments. My favorite time of the year was here once again and I feel that I'm in such a stressful situation. I don't know if it's just me getting giddy with the holidays or I am getting really stressed with work. A lot of unexpected changes happened in my workplace and I have to adapt in my that stressful environment. I know I don't need to complain because I am getting unending blessings so cheers to hat stress! There are a lot of ways to de-stress anyway. 

One of it is by doing my posts regarding collective purchases. I always feel that I accomplished something and that I feel so blessed whenever I get stuff here and there. 

Pink top (P150) and Nude Flats (P250)
I bought this at Nepo in Angeles where they sell really affordable stuff. It's perfect to buy there this Christmas.I am a fan of affordable yet pretty stuff.
Chips Ahoy (P102.50) and Peppero (P54.50)
Peppero in supermarkets were more expensive than at the Korean shops where I bought my last month's Peppero box. It was Peppero Day last November 11 and I bought 3 boxes for myself. :)
Sandals (P100)
Bought this at Greenhills after the event I attended few weeks ago. It suddenly rained and my shoes were wet so I needed to skip the flats. When I wore this, it looks classy than a regular slippers so I took it.
Jack Daniel's Tee (P250 each)
Boyfriend saw this and immediately want one for both of us. I got it instead and gave it a s a monthsary gift. Now, we got 2 couple tees. Looks like we're just starting to collect couple things. :) 
Maldita Bleach
MB is a hype all over FB lately. Most online stores that caters skin care products has MB. It promises to give you white skin. This was sent by Dress Icon for review. I will be giving you guys more information on this if it works on me. 
I got this perfumes for my family for Christmas. I will include this to my main gift. Now, my sisters already has a clue on what they're getting. I'm pretty sure they're reading this. :) 

Revlon Nail Polishes 
My take-home loot from the BDJ Beauty Soiree I attended here
That's it for my November haul. I really got few and cheap stuff because I am saving for something big this December. I will include and show you my gifts to my family, friends and relatives then because I will be posting the collective haul at the end part of the month. Watch out for that! 

What's your latest fave haul? Share your haul posts here. I love reading the same kind. Cheers!
Xoxo ♥

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